How we Adopted Victor

The name Victor also means “one that defeats an enemy or opponent” and its a fitting one for our little sunshine. Why? Well that is a story I want to tell you here, so come a little closer…

Come to Kitty

We just had moved into a new apartment in the first floor with a tiny balcony and a small garden area in the front. Autumn had just begun and temperatures sank fast during the night. One day I heard a weird sound coming from outside and when I opened the window I saw a very young cat sitting in the garden area near our trash bin. It looked up at me and meowed constantly. My partner convinced me that we should check first if the cat belonged to someone in the neighborhood instead of directly taking him in since he surely had cold out there.

When its warm I like to just sleep

In the following days we asked around but no one was missing a cat and he was still meowing constantly and when he finally approached me one day I saw how thin and small he really was. That was it, I called my partner down who could not even say a word before the cat started rubbing himself on his legs and conquered his heart too.

I was very tired and hungry when I came to my new home

The veterinary told us that our new family member was probably just over a year old but underdeveloped from not eating enough. We still kept asking around if it had an owner until finally an older couple told us that a neighbour just threw out the cat after it was not as cute as baby anymore and they got a dog instead. I will never understand how people can be so cruel.

If I have to stay inside you have to entertain me

I still remember that the poor guy could not sleep long at the beginning, always waking up and checking as if he was perhaps in danger. Now I mentioned that we lived on the first floor and Victor, thats how we called him now, was used to live outside but he was also not accepting a leash and even fell from the balcony trying to chase a bird. He required a lot of attention even though he never scratched furniture, it was almost as if he was was missing the freedom but it was better than no home at all.

Mum made me a nice hat

So when the opportunity came we moved into the ground floor so that Victor could go outside and be totally happy again. I still know how much I feared that he would never come back when we first let him outside but he came back, every time.

This is my kingdom

Thanks for reading.

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