Feline behaviour modification with Pet Remedy products

Katzenworld has previously written articles about the benefits of Pet Remedy & how it works.

As I am a Feline behaviour therapist I wanted to share my experience with Pet Remedy products and give a few examples of how I’ve used their products in conjunction with a behaviour modification programme.

As many of you know, my own cat Dirk is a pretty relaxed cat, but I wanted to use the Pet Remedy products myself to see how they work and how best to recommend them to my clients.

I started out with the diffuser as this works on calming the general atmosphere in the house. The first thing to note is that it gave off a fairly strong smell of valerian. Whether or not you enjoy this scent is personal, but I am not a fan. However, after about 2 or 3 days the scent was not nearly as strong anymore. Before, when I entered the room where the diffuser was the scent would hit me, but after a few days, it was only faintly noticeable. This is certainly a bonus if you are not a fan of valerian: hang in there for 2 or 3 days and things will improve 😉 Plus, if it makes your pet feel calmer than it is really worth persisting. These diffusers work for about two months so they don’t need replacing all that often.

Dirk remained his calm, usual self so I cannot say it influenced him much, but a friend of mine has a nervous dog (yes, it works on dogs too!) and her dog calmed down considerably after she plugged in Pet Remedy’s diffuser.

I have also recommended this product to clients whose cats naturally have a nervous disposition, cats who become agitated about seeing other cats outside, and cohabiting cats that don’t get along. The Pet Remedy diffuser really helps in those situations as it does not target one cat specifically but all cats in the household. And because it works on other species too this probably works really well if you want a dog and cat to live together peacefully (though I have not yet had a chance to test this).

Pet Remedy also has a spray and wipes for more targeted application. Those actually don’t smell nearly as strong as the diffuser which I am very happy about. I would not want to apply anything to my own cat, or other people’s cats for that matter if it has a very strong smell.

You can spray a little Pet Remedy on a piece of cloth or on your hand and rub it under your cat’s chin. As you can see, Dirk trialled this as well and he was absolutely fine with it. You really only need a small amount and I’ve found that on cats it works for at least 2 hours. Ideal if you need to take your cat to the vet, in cases of fireworks or if your cat becomes a bit stressed when you have visitors or the cleaner comes over. Dirk did not mind one bit and did not try to rub it off or anything.

You can also use the spray on bedding, again very useful if you want to take your cat to the vet or if your cat has become spooked by something such as fireworks. You can also use it if your cat is hiding somewhere, but be mindful of leaving your cat in peace. Spray some on a blanket or toy and leave that near the cat’s hiding spot. Don’t try to coax your cat out, leave them to calm down and come out when they feel ready.

I found the wipes were actually very useful to wipe cat carriers or new objects intended for your cat, such as designated scratching posts, new beds, etc. You can also attach it to the cat carrier so your cat can enjoy the beneficial effects of valerian without it being directly applied to them. Especially useful if your cat does not enjoy being stroked, does not want to be stroked because they are in pain or when you pick them up from your vet if they’ve had to stay in for a procedure. I’ve also found it seems to work a bit longer than the spray, so if you are moving home with your cat or taking them on a longer (car) journey these wipes would come in useful too!

To buy Pet Remedy products head to our shop 🙂

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