Jet & Turbo Test the Catipilla Climbing Frame

Hi everyone,

This time around we got Jet & Turbo from Chris & Eve’s YouTube channel test the Catipilla climbing frame!

Turbo and Jet were two lucky cats that got their paws early on the new Catipilla Pro cat climbing frame to help them make more of their place!

Turbo and Jet were indeed very lucky and got the complete set of Catipilla products, included a Catipilla Pro, Catipilla Hammock and Catipilla High Plate.

The Hammock offers the two a great place to rest on without being too high up. The High Plate on the other hand was installed alongside the top Catipilla Pro platform to allow for maximum observation potential. 🙂

Chris & Eve also looked at another very good use case of Catipilla! If you have a house that often gets children as visitors (or maybe they are your own?) the Catipilla cat climbing frame offers your cats the purrfect escape away from the little humans!

And as you can see from the video at the top of the post it is super easy to install and assemble your Catipilla Climbing frame in any desired form.

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5 thoughts on “Jet & Turbo Test the Catipilla Climbing Frame

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  2. Léa says:

    While it looks like fun, I fear there is plastic involved as with many toys and gadgets. A number of years ago, my son had a cat with serious allergic reactions to plastic. Her fur would fall out in clumps and her skin blister. The vet said, NO MORE PLASTIC. We took his advice and she healed. To this day, I keep any plastic to the minimum and away from the divas.

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