Feline Festive: Catipilla’s Christmas Traditions Get Your Cats Involved This Christmas

Family cats are at the heart of every Christmas. At Catipilla, we’ve come up with some festive ideas and new traditions to get them involved at Christmas. As we all know how excited cats get when they’re feline festive.

We also know that Christmas can be a time of novelty, but that doesn’t mean that you have to gift your feline friends something that only lasts over one Christmas season. Invest in a high-quality item that stands the test of time, supports a healthy life for your pet and encourages your cats’ natural instincts. Year after year.

1. Let your cats oversee all the festivities from on high
Cat Hammock

While you’re hanging up your stockings, also hang up a Catipilla Cat Hammock. Serving as the ideal vantage point for curious cats wanting to watch the action from a height, the Cat Hammock is made from tough, vulcanised rubber that can withstand a cat’s claws. It comes in a variety of colours, is easy to keep clean and available for indoor and outdoor installation. Giving your cat the perfect vantage point to watch all the Christmas festivities.

Cat Hammock

Catipilla Cat Hammock. From £29

High Plate Shelf
For cats who prefer a more stable platform, look no further than the High Plate Shelf. The scalloped edge provides a purrfect resting point and the optional cushion adds an extra layer of comfort. Ideal for sleeping off those Christmas dinners.

High Plate Shelf

Catipilla High Plate Shelf. From £39

2. Give your cats their own Christmas tree this year
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We all know what cats and kittens are like at Christmas. Their love for Christmas manifests in decorating – and then redecorating – the Christmas tree.

This year, why not save the Christmas tree for the humans to enjoy and get something different to keep your cat entertained. Much like a Christmas tree, a Catipilla Cat Tower offers the same joy of a high vantage point without quite as much redistribution of baubles.

Pro Wall-Mounted Cat Tower
A 1.8m climber which encourages cats to climb as nature intended and makes use of vertical space in a home when life on the ground gets a little too busy. Available in a range of colours to complement your interior style, the Cat Tower ensures that your cat stays fit and flexible. Couple it with a High Plate Shelf and TeePee Tent so your fuzzy friend can be their own Christmas star at the top of the tree.

Pro Cat Climber

Catipilla Pro Wall-Mounted Cat Tower. From £129

TeePee Tent

Catipilla TeePee Tent. From £34

Mini Wall-Mounted Cat Tower
If the Pro is too large for your cat, the Mini Wall-Mounted Cat Tower is the perfect height for smaller adventurers. At 90cm tall, the Mini comes with all the features of the Pro Cat Tower but is more suitable for smaller spaces and kittens or smaller cats.

Mini Cat Climber

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Catipilla Mini Wall-Mounted Cat Tree. From £69

Wall-Mounted Climbing Pole
For more athletic cats, our Wall-Mounted Climbing Tower offers another way to reach new heights. Made from the same South American sisal rope as our Cat Scratchers, this durable climbing pole is made to mimic the feel of a tree trunk – the perfect stand-in for the Christmas tree! Pair with a High Plate Shelf or Hammock to give your cat another vantage point from which to oversee their kingdom.

Wall-Mounted Climbing Pole

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Catipilla Wall-Mounted Climbing Pole. From £48

Wall-Mounted Cat Scratcher
Putting up a Christmas tree is a highlight for many in the run-up to Christmas. Make sure to install a new Wall-Mounted Cat Scratcher so your cat can get involved with the festivities while making sure your tree doesn’t fall victim to cats wanting to ‘help’ with decorating.

Made from the finest South American sisal rope, Catipilla’s cat scratching posts are high-quality, durable and easy to install. Coming in a range of heights, including a smaller-sized scratcher which is purrfect for any kittens or smaller family cats.

Wall-Mounted Cat Scratcher

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