Sometimes you need a “paw” up…!

Hi everyone,

Following on from our intro post about Catipilla last months our three siblings have decided it would be good to demonstrate to you all the practical applicability of this product!

As most of you know Nubia generally gets around just as well as her siblings despite the fact that one of her front legs is missing. However there are some moments in which this can be a problem…

For example one of our scratch trees is just a little tall and that’s exactly what today’s cartoon is all about. 😉

Yes sometimes even Renegade has a bright idea especially when Nubia is involved as he very much loves her! 🙂

And on a more serious note if you missed our post about Catipilla last month please do check it out here:

Introducing Catipilla – Modern Cat Climbing Frames

Today’s use-case is just one of the many ways in which this customisable and modern cat climbing frame can be used and we will make sure to share some more with you in the future!





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4 thoughts on “Sometimes you need a “paw” up…!

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