Join us at the May 2018 LondonCats International Cat Show


Hi everyone,

It’s once again time for one of our favourite shows of the year. As you may have seen in our Show Calendar we will be back at the London Cats TICA show this coming May to run a stall offering the most amazing cat toys and cat lover goods and would of course love to meet some of you there.

The show will be open to the public from 10am-5pm on both Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th of May 2018 in the Leatherhead Leisure Centre – Surrey.

Tickets are available on the door or online, from the LondonCats website.

If you are unable to make it don’t worry as we will make sure to take plenty of photos for you.

More Details on the show can be found below:

The LondonCats International Show is in town on a mission to stage, reward and celebrate our purrfect companions.

We will be taking over the Leatherhead Leisure Centre in Surrey, for our sixth show on the 12th to 13th May 2018, where we will share the love with more than 200 cats of over 50 different breeds.

In amongst the 50 different breeds of cats at our show, there will be some of your favourites such as the Bengal, British Short Hair, Maine Coon and Sphynx all under one roof competing for the ultimate prize of Best Kitten, Best Cat, Best Alter and Best Household Pet. Also, joining these cats are the more exotic breeds such as the Lykoi (better known as the Werewolf cat) and Marguerites (an African Sand Cat cross). The show will bring together not just the UK cat community, but cats from around the world. As well as welcoming TICA judges from around Europe and across the pond.

Being a cat show most of the attending cats entered a variety of different “rings” to be judged and receive awards.

What we like about TICA and LondonCats is that they take loads of precautions to ensure the safety of the cats during the show and they will not allow people to continue if the cats show signs of being distressed by the event.

Of course being a popular show there also had to be a variety of stalls around to give visitors a chance to purchase some fabulous cat products!

There will be plenty of ways to spoil them with treats and gifts from a multitude of vendors; PurrForm Premium Raw Cat Food, Bengal Cat World, Finley and Farquhar and lots more. Finally, we have the honour of introducing a brand new vendor to the cat community – Catipilla! An exciting brand who have created a clever wall-mounted climbing frame, used indoors and out.

What stalls and vendors will we meet this year? Below a few snaps from last years! 🙂

And as you can see there were LOADS of exhibitors. And look closely you’ll see that while we couldn’t bring along the real Oli we had our little mascot Oli with us to visit all of the different stalls. 🙂

Most of the exhibitors shown above will be there again at the show this April so why not pop-by and visit us all? 😀



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14 thoughts on “Join us at the May 2018 LondonCats International Cat Show

  1. mvaden1948 says:

    I am so in love!!!! The cat in the first set of pics that is mostly white with those little patches of black and the simply stunning green eyes. Oh, my lovely you must come to visit me. Although Diavolo and Sunshine might not like the idea.

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    • Marc-André says:

      I’m sure there must be some TICA shows near you as well. I can have a look for you if you’d like? 🙂

      • chrisscatmeow says:

        They did have cat shows at Dunfermline Glen but that was years ago. You could look to see if there is any near Kincardine Fife. Although I won’t be doing much for a while as I broke my arm. Thanks Christine.

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