Oliver & Nubia: Oli’s accident and the importance of vet insurance!

Hello everyone,

Today we would like to talk about the importance of vet insurances and my recent “accident”.

See I may look all snuggly and cosey on the bed today but the other day I wasn’t feeling so great because of what happened…

Nubia: What he really means is that he was silly because he ate a huge bit of plastic!!!

Oliver: That was meant to be a secret sister. 🙁 Anyhow… Yes you’d think us indoor cats would be safe and not risk of things but I just couldn’t resist the plastic string that was hanging of a parcel…

Nubia: And you didn’t get enough food already right…?

Oliver: A young lad must eat to grow and it did look like a mouse tail!

Nubia: Oh boy all arguments are lost on him… @_@

Oliver: So what happened to me you wonder? Well one of my servants luckily noticed the last bit of plastic string disappearing in my mouth but unfortunately it was gone before he could get it out. He immediately called his vet insurance telephone vet emergency advice hotline who advised it would be best to take me to our local PDSA emergency hospital as they may be able to get it out of me before it passes into the intestines.

Nubia: And all over my brothers appetite… 🙁

Oliver: Shush let me finish the story… So where was I! Oh yeah at the hospital the vet said he may be able to make me vomit it out using a special anesthetic which causes cats to vomit prior to getting sleepy.

Nubia: Unfortunately my brother didn’t know he was meant to vomit first and fell asleep right away!

Oliver: Stop interrupting. 😮 Anyway she was right! However luckily I managed to vomit it out eventually at home.

Nubia: Before he finally did that I was very worried over him though… and so were the humans!

Nubia: I watched over him!

Nubia: And made sure no one got near him while he was “asleep”

Oliver: My humans were especially sad watching me like this as I was unable to move but as mentioned above luckily I managed to “dispose” of the plastic! 🙂

Nubia: On a more important note though for those of you that think “we don’t need” a vet insurance Oli’s little appetite incident would cost the humans almost £300 if it hadn’t been for their vet insurance! Depending on your feline friends breed and age monthly prices and excess can vary but it’s so worth it if something goes wrong or if like me you have a brother with strange eating habits… 🙂

Oliver: And for those of you out there sending stuff in the post make sure no plastic strings hang of them for us hungry kitties to find! 😮

Nubia: Shhht not all of us mistake plastic strings for mice tails!!! :p

Oliver. Meany 🙁 Anyway I would like to send my personal thanks to the lovely vet that saved my life at the hospital. <3

Signed by

His Meowjesty King Oliver the Maker of Mischief



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106 thoughts on “Oliver & Nubia: Oli’s accident and the importance of vet insurance!

  1. gipsika says:

    Yes, vets can be unbelievably expensive. Here in SA we have an SPCA who has young vets that do all kinds of operations at a fraction of the cost, which is where we had to bring my brother Gingus Cat once when a human child drove over his poor leg with a bicycle. Our slaves first bankrupted themselves on a private vet clinic that didn’t manage to save the leg but still charged massively for their torture; and eventually when all funds were up the SPCA was contacted, where the sweet young vets first tried to fix the scramble the expensive clinic had made, and eventually amputated the leg with minimal fuss and minimal expense. They did a great job, the stump healed beautifully and he did look like a teddybear. After a while he was climbing trees and catching fluttery stuff as though he’d been born with three legs.

  2. Donna Wilkinson says:

    Glad you’re okay Oliver!

    You would expect dogs to be the pets to chew and swallow alien objects, but one of my cats – Billie – also has a fettish for plastic objects. She’s always around when I’m unpacking deliveries, trying to beat me to the plastic. In fact, the other day she managed to squeeze into a box through a tiny gap and was running around the house with bubble wrap trailing after her! And don’t get me started with her and my son’s Lego!

    By the way, beautiful phoographs ;D

  3. sidilbradipo1 says:

    OMK O_o
    I’m happy Oli is Ok now! Plastic is a bugaboo (may I say bugaboo in this content? 😕 ).
    “… noticed the last bit of plastic string disappearing in my mouth”: the same happened to Fritz last year but so very fortunately it was not eaten completely and I could pull it out before disaster! Now at home plastic is forbidden (and/or strictly under control and locked apart).

  4. Fozziemum says:

    So glad Oliver is ok..string..tinsel..all these things are sorely tempting..and not good..our animals are all too old for insurance..at their ages now we could buy a rescue shelter with what the premiums would be..we allow in our budget for the fact we have aging animals..snake bites etc..:)

  5. loisajay says:

    Poor Oli! Cats are so quick to pick up the smallest things and eat them. The plastic ‘grass’ that goes in Easter baskets was officially banned at my house. Why did my cats love that stuff only to throw it up in the middle of the night–right on my bed?! Nubia is a good little nurse.

  6. crystaleagle24 says:

    So glad it’s a happy ending. Lucky for Oli his humans spotted him before the evidence had disappeared from view.

    • Marc-André says:

      So does Oli… At least rubber bands can be broken down by stomach acid according to the vet we saw. The plastic he ate can’t. So that’s why it has to come out 😡

  7. niasunset says:

    Oh lovely Oli, I am glad he is fine. But made me worried at the begining of this post, yes no more plastic… I hope you feel better soon lovely Oli, Love and hugs, nia

  8. mvaden1948 says:

    So glad poor Oliver is fine after his ordeal. What a scary thing for all of you.
    Here pet insurance has that same 7 year old age limit so no insurance for Diavolo who was probably about 10 or 11 when he moved in with me.
    But last year when Lili was so sick my vets office helped me apply for a credit card called “Care Credit” which allows you to pay off the bill over time without interest if it’s $200 or more. You can also use it for some human things too….like the new glasses I just got that my own medical insurance only covers a small fraction…try getting frames and lenses with progressives and a “strong” prescription for $150 which is what the insurance pays.
    So anyone in the US might check and see if their vet accepts Care Credit. Here is the link to their website: http://www.carecredit.com/

      • mvaden1948 says:

        “if” I applied before my cats were seven it would probably be similar. The Vet I have now is so wonderful that I’m sure they would have worked with me if the Care Credit card had not been available. I had a vet that we saw once when we first moved to this home and never went back because he just seemed to be in it for the money. Too bad.
        The office where we go now is a little further away but they really, really love the animals (and the people) who are their patients.
        Vet care is expensive everywhere and there are options to help out there, people just have to look….like SPCA and others.

        • Marc-André says:

          Very true. The vet we are with cares for the animals rather than the money. Obviously he has to make a living but he’ll often do things for free for our local charity or help those that can’t afford to pay the full price. 🙂

  9. The Swiss Cats says:

    We’re so glad you’re OK, Oliver ! We’ve got an insurance too, and it’s really worth of it when accident happen ! Purrs

  10. weggieboy says:

    I have to be very careful about things like the wire ties and plastic closure tags used on bread packages because my boys both like to mouth them. I’ve had to take them out of their mouths before when I failed to pick one up off the floor. Another thing that is terribly attractive is the wrappers on candy. You are very correct about indoor cats having exposure to dangers, too. No less than children, our fur buddies are curious, want to test things out in their mouths.

    • Marc-André says:

      And sometimes swallow them! It seems the plastic obsession has gotten worse ever since things swapping to biodegradable plastic. I wonder if it’s made of fish oil?!?

  11. Nebraska Jedi says:

    Oh Oliver, you naughty boy! So glad your “servant” caught you in the act, or you could have been very mysteriously sick for a few days before the vet could guess what might be wrong with you. Plastic and stringy things make what they call “linear foreign bodies” and those are very bad ju-ju indeed for you kitties. So relieved that everything “came out” alright, and I’m sure your servants are as well!

  12. psv411 says:

    I have to keep reminding my grandchildren, DO NOT LEAVE PLASTIC ON THE FLOOR BECAUSE YODI IS OBSESSED! He has almost choked and I have found it in the litter box. Frightening.

  13. sledpress says:

    Hugs to Oli! He looks so sweet and innocent lying there. I know what it is to be scared for your kitty like that — my dear Patty Twinkle (a little Tuxedo) ate up a lot of broom straw when she was seven. She needed surgery and I still have the alarming thing they took out of her stomach — almost a handful of gummed up broom straw with a red ribbon coiled around it! I didn’t have insurance at the time, after that I made sure all the cats had it. Though Torvald “maxed out” his policy for the year after his night in the ICU for his heart condition. Fortunately his drugs are cheap!

    I could just reach through the picture to pat Oli, he is such a charmer.

    • Marc-André says:

      Thank you <3 and wow that's a lot worse than our incident. We were lucky to notice it early so the vet managed to inject a drug to make poor Oli sick to get rid of it.

  14. Susan Frudd says:

    I can relate to the problem as my cat swallowed a piece of bailing twine but the vet told me to give him washing soda so he vomited, he did and up came the twine. I sometimes have bailing twine in my coat pocket from the hay bales for the goat’s and I knew I had dropped a piece indoors….but too late Sammy had swallowed it…panic stations…..Ended well and I always check my pockets now….So pleased Oli is recovered and bless Nubia his guardian angel, what a scare for you too….Do agree about the insurance vet’s bill are through the roof these days and it’s peace of mind as well as you know you can go ahead with the best care should your fur baby need it….My cat Ted loves to eat house plants so no poisonous ones in the house they can be a serious threat. I don’t grow Lilies in the garden now cat’s have died from ingesting the pollen……it’s all out there….

    • Marc-André says:

      You are so right Susan! And glad your little one survived he ordeal too. Our vet injected an anaesthetic that had the vomiting side affect so all good in the end. 🙂 ps if you’d like to write a guest story on yours do let me know. 😀

  15. Lisa G Westheimer says:

    My beagle Petey broke into a house guest’s suitcase and ate 12 marijuana caramels on a Saturday night which meant a trip to the very expensive animal hospital at 6am Sunday morning. It’s so expensive you might as well just hand them the car keys and let them keep the car and walk home.

    Luckily he was ok except for having the twirlies in the car. He slept in the bushes for the entire day once we got back home.

  16. Lisa G Westheimer says:

    It was! I thought he had eaten vitamins and had selenium poisoning and was going to die. The orderlies had to carry him into the emergency room. It was 6am and I was in shorts and a t shirt no shoes, hair all wild, no coffee. Luckily for me (not for the other dogs) 2 dogs had come in a few hours earlier with confirmed marijuana poisoning and he had the same symptoms. I called my guest, had him look through his bags and sure enough his “maryjane” candies were gone. I was all over him screeching like a wild woman. He was in tears. Half of me screamed for bringing contraband into my house, the other for not sharing them with me (caramels, after all…) Now when we talk about it we roar with laughter til tears roll down our faces.

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