Oliver & Nubia: The Scratch Tree Truce + Video

Hello everyone,

So after last week little battle in our last post here the kitties finally decided to come to a mutual arrangement on the scratch tree. (Thank god for that!) But hey I am sure you know what siblings can be like. 😉

So let’s see how they are getting on.


Oliver: Today it is my turn to be top cat!

Nubia: Yes, that’s fine I will use the other tree for now… 😮


Oliver: So nice and relaxing up here…


Oliver: Just another 5 minutes Nubsey and you can have the top. I will sleep in the cave. <3


Nubia: Woooohoooo! I love the top. <3


Nubia: I can even watch the birdies from here. 🙂


Nubia: And watch…


Nubia: … and guard our kingdom! 😀

Oliver: Yes! You said our kingdom. <3


Don’t forget to check out our video of them having fun on the scratch tree!


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