Purrsday Poetry: Monkey by Donna Marrin

Hi everyone,

Today’s Purrsday Poetry post comes from Donna Marrin.

oats & monkey3


I was just an itty bitty boy,
When Gran made me a special toy,
A monkey made from bits of sock,
Companion, though he couldn’t talk.

Monkey shared my trundle bed,
His tail curled ‘round my sleepy head,
Kept the boogey men at bay,
All through the night, till break of day.

 One morning Mr. Puss, our cat,
Chewed the tassel clean from Monkey’s hat,
Carried it to his hiding place,
Left a ragged hole near Monkey’s face.

Grandma cooed and dried my tears,
Eased my heart of all its fears,
Was Monkey now in awful pain?
Would he ever be the same again?

When I awakened from my nap,
Monkey wore a brand new cap,
Fresh tassel of red upon his head,
Fixed up and propped upon my bed.

I squealed with joy and hugged him near,
His monkey grin stretched ear to ear,
While Mr. Puss appeared to doze,
One wicked eye on Monkey’s nose.

oats & monkey1
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21 thoughts on “Purrsday Poetry: Monkey by Donna Marrin

  1. saymber says:

    SOCK MONKEY!!! I LOVE them and my first one was made by my Grandma too! Our spare room has Sock Monkeys as it’s theme! Fun post and great poem.

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