Product Review: Meowing Heads

We all treat our kitties with great importance as we would our friends, family and children (let’s face it you, dear reader, would not be on a website called Katzenworld if not!). Oddly enough I see a lot of my fellow cat lovers who feed their pets any old supermarket food, and even scraps from the table. If you wouldn’t feed your children salt and grain pumped value sausages for example, why would you do the equivalent to your pet?

My furry one, Dexter, is named so due to the fact that he is a serial killer of mice. Seriously where he fits the pet food into his tummy with all of the London mice that he catches, I will never know!

I was very happy to allow him to test out the new Meowing Heads, as they only produce produce ultra-premium, 100% natural pet food. Each recipe is developed using only ingredients sourced in the UK and all contain a high percentage of protein, combined with fresh vegetables, fruits, added vitamins and probiotics for a cats health and wellbeing.

Dexter, absolutely loved the ‘gone fishin!’ wet food (well it was a bit of a novelty to him, given he usually eats dry) it was a way for me to give him wet food as a weekend treat without having to worry about the nutritional value. His fish breath afterwards however is something I will not describe!


The dried food looks and smells very much like fresh salmon, and while Dexter tried the kitten range (which he gobbled up very quickly due to its perfectly teeny-weeny spherical pieces) I think that the adult range would have gone down just as well.


It was so tasty that he took a nice long nap afterwards!

Disco nap
Disco nap

The range is available in the below varieties and flavours:

Meowing Heads

o   Drumstix

  • Chicken & Turkey
  • Wet food

o   Gone Fishin!

  • Fish & chicken
  • Wet food

o   Hey Good looking

  • Chicken & fish
  • Available wet and dry

o   Kittens delight

  • Chicken
  • Dry food

o   PurrNickety

  • Salmon
  • Available wet & Dry

o   Smitten Kitten

  • Salmon
  • Dry food

Verdict: 9 /10 a real winner!

*This blog post was written by guest blogger Rachel Mullaney. She writes a London lifestyle blog, A Geordie Lost in London, check it out HERE.

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7 thoughts on “Product Review: Meowing Heads

  1. Tejaswi says:

    Well, you are lucky to live there 🙂 My cat, Simba, (the one whose image is on my blog) was diagnosed with kidney stones a while ago. We were advised to wean him off the regular Whiskas diet. But then he does not eat anything else. Unfortunately for us, the low protein food that would ensure his health is so expensive over here that we just cannot afford it. It would probably cost us over two month’s income to get him four weeks worth of that expensive food. So we are desperately trying to get him to eat other things apart from Whiskas. Sad, really.

  2. sidilbradipo1 says:

    “My furry one, Dexter, is named so due to the fact that he is a serial killer of mice”… my (Topolo)-Dexter is a serial killer of… hands! 😀
    Tanaka-Sensei… run atilt!
    Very interesting cat food, I must check it out.

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