Oliver & Nubia: The battle for the scratch tree…

Hello everyone,

As you know usually our two siblings get on very well together! But when getting new toys it sometimes can be a bit difficult. Not that us humans are any better with our siblings. 😉

Oh and if you missed their initial exploration of the tree check out this post here.


Nubia: ROAR! Oli!!!! This is MINE and mine ALONE…


Oliver: Ugh… go away…

Nubia: NO! Mine mine and mine. :O


Oliver: I am warning you… stay down there…

Nubia: No. I’ll be happy to share one of the lower platforms but the top one is Mine. <3


Oliver: You mean this one up there? Sorry you can’t have that one!


Nubia: Oh yes… I can!!! I am coming to get you. *meow*


Oliver: I dare you to try! *meooowroar*

More in the below video…:

(And don’t worry they found back to each other afterwards and cuddled up in the cave haha! 🙂

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50 thoughts on “Oliver & Nubia: The battle for the scratch tree…

  1. You have to remind me that Nubia has only three paws – I keep forgetting that. But it was visible when she got up to the top. She certainly is disadvantaged when she fights with Olli.

    1. You’d think so. But most of the time she beats Oli up. If they play fight on the floor Mr Oli always looses because she can wriggle out and body slam him haha 🙂

      1. It seems as if Oli is the agressive one. It has alot to do with the name. My Oliver does the same thing with his sister Olivia

          1. Ah! Looks like my phone really hates me LOL. It swallowed the like and comment I tried to do before. Has this come through. :)? And would you like us to repost the poem on purrsday poetry with a link back to your whole post?

  2. It looked just like me and my sister!
    In 1998 I adopted two cats from a shelter…Nissana the mom and Lili the daughter. Nissana had been declawed at some time in her earlier life but that did not stop her from whacking Lili on the head when she got out of line….and you could hear it.
    I was noticing Nubia had a little trouble getting up to the top but she made it. In most pictures it’s not obvious.
    Enjoy your great scratch tree and like my mom always used to say….”You guys need to learn how to share”.

    1. Yeah she wasn’t too sure about how to get up there at first! We ended up giving this tree to a friend and keeping one with larger platforms because it’s easier for her to launch up on. 😉

  3. I would have guessed that OLIVER always wins. Wrong again! Good for the Queen Nubia. She has learned to use her “disability” (which is NOT one to her) to her advantage. Go Nubia. You are very shrewd and at least you are not embarrassed when you make yourself a gorgeous little girl (grooming). I understand Oliver wants his privacy. Hugs and kisses to BOTH special kitties, Marc.

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