Video: Funny behind the scenes with Archie the Cat

Hi everyone,

Archie asked us to put up this funny “behind the scenes” of his latest TV commercial.


If you or your cat ever wanted to become a super star do watch this funny video and tips of Mr Archie on how to make it BIG. 😉

More of Archie can be found on the dedicated site on The Guardian here.

Of course Oliver and Nubia are slightly jealous that Archie is so famous but they were happy to receive his autograph. 😉

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46 thoughts on “Video: Funny behind the scenes with Archie the Cat

        1. Oli only once had fancy feast as they don’t sell it here. My aunt sent it over not knowing chicken meat shouldn’t be posted into the UK. So he wasn’t happy that I told her no chicken meat based food in the post please. xD

  1. Too cute….maybe he could do a commercial “with” George Clooney.
    I saw a commercial done by Mr. Clooney on TV in Italy and I still don’t remember what he was selling….an espresso machine I think but all I can remember was it was very…hmm….dare I say…sexy (and he was wearing a tuxedo). A cat in that commercial would have added to the appeal and then I would have been completely distracted!

  2. This is a HUGE hit! Great Post. I am not a “fan” of Persians, but it seems I am in the minority as Archie is both FAMOUS and INFAMOUS. He is gorgeous!

  3. Love your stories! All about my favorite subject, CATS! Know the musical “Cats” completely by heart. Have seen it live twice. Owned it on VHS, but my husband broke our VCR. So now have to settle for occasionally renting it from Netflix.

  4. Tell Oli and Nubia that acting isn’t all glamour. Archie doesn’t talk about all the hours of humans touching him, getting ready for the camera. Or how he doesn’t have time for his own family or for playing or napping when he wants. They probably have a better life.

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