Oliver & Nubia: The great cheese mice hunt! PART 2 *Includes Video*

Hi everyone,

We are back for another round with this FroliCat cheese mouse toy. 😀

Oliver: The question is who will win! Us or the mousey haha.


Nubia: If I wait for him to hunt… I’ll starve. 🙁


Nubia: I’m coming to get you mouse…


Nubia: Come back out. 😀

All of this in motion below:


Nubia: Oliver!!!! Stop being lazy and give me a paw with this thing


Oliver: But I am look!!!!

Nubia: Right….



Since the kitties are totally exhausted now we have to finish for the day haha. 😉

If you’d like one of these for your own kitties check out our initial review post.

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11 thoughts on “Oliver & Nubia: The great cheese mice hunt! PART 2 *Includes Video*

  1. I’m tempted to get this for Kendall but am afraid the noise would deter her. I don’t know. Could go either way. Very cute though. Love your cats. My hubby and I have a soft spot for black cats.

    1. Thank you <3 and yes the noise made them a bit nervous at first but they don't mind that at all anymore now and play with it all the time. Oli even figured out how to turn it on by himself lol

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