Mews & Discount: Happy International Cat Day

Cat Lovers Everywhere Celebrate on the upcoming Caturday!


From striped tabbies to purrfect Persians, cats come in a variety of loveable shapes, sizes and temperaments. Whether they’re pretending to play the keyboard or launching themselves into small boxes, our obsession with all things feline knows no bounds! So what better time to honour them than on International Cat Day, 8th August.

To help celebrate, has pulled together a variety of amazing product ideas to show your furry friend how much you care. And what’s even better if you use VOU379997277 during checkout by the 16th of August you’ll get 15% of your order! 😀



Purritos are a thing, and they’re the cutest you’ve ever seen. We all love a good burrito but our new found love is for kittens wrapped up in blankets. Teeny, tiny purritos.

So if your cat or kitten loves to be wrapped up, the P.L.A.Y Snuggle Pet Bed (RRP:£53.00) is the purrfect hideout. The PLAY Snuggle Pet Bed is designed to fit any stylish home, a treat for both you and your furry friend. If you are looking to pamper your pet the P.L.A.Y products do just that!

Playful kitten


Does your kitten or cat have lots of energy and like to play? Fetch’s KONG Eight Track (RRP: £12.96)  is a figure-eight shaped racetrack containing two rattle balls that cats love to chase and bat back and forth. Each Eight Track includes a feather attachment and a catnip tail.

Thirsty work


Every regal cat needs a regal bowl and the Fetch House Of Paws Cream Bowl  (RRP: £8.99) is a stylish dish to present every course – just remember to bow or curtsy as you leave the room.

Cat Nap


The average house cat sleeps for sixteen hours a day, twice as much as humans – no wonder they have so much energy when you’re trying to get forty winks yourself! So whether your cat is a spry kitten or a mature feline Fetch’s Chilly Cool Matt (RRP: £39.99) will help your pet relax, sleep and keep cool in the summer heat. The innovative gel matt keeps them cool by creating a lower temperature than their body temperature and also provides comfort for older pets who suffer from joint pain too.

We hope you liked their product line up and are looking forward to more cool posts here at Katzenworld! Let us know what your favourite was – Oliver and Nubia want the snuggle bed haha.

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20 thoughts on “Mews & Discount: Happy International Cat Day

  1. hallenterprises132 says:

    Unfortunately, my current kitty is dorky. The place we adopted him from named him Dash, he earned the nick name Dorky Dash all by himself! (Stupid would have been a more accurate name, but I hate calling anything stupid). So Dorky Dash is his name!

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