Oliver & Nubia: The great cheese mice hunt! *Includes Video*

Hi everyone,

Oli & Nubia: Look what we got! 😀 it’s a block of cheese with mices in it.


Oliver: Come to daddy!


Nubia: Will you help my silly brother catch the mouse?


Oliver: I am working on it…


Oliver: Almost!

Nubia: And that’s the problem – ALMOST isn’t good enough for my tummy.


Oliver: I am trying!


Oliver: Not again – I missed…

Nubia: *Sigh* Oh well you made a good attempt lol.

P.S: All of this can be seen in action below. 😀

Nubia: Now let’s pass over to the humans to tell you about this toy and where to get it.

Thanks Nubia! 🙂

Overall Rating
This is a fun electronic toy that is set to entertain your cat(s) for hours. At an RRP of £22.99 it is slightly on the pricer side of toys that we have reviewed but it’s well made and sturdy so the price tag seems decent to us.

It arrives in a box and you’ll need to add three AAA batteries. There is no assembly required apart from opening a hatch to insert the batteries. 🙂

The only thing I would point out is that some cats may be a bit scared of the toy at first due to the movement and noise of the mices. Just make sure that you let your cat explore the toy and don’t force it on them! Mr Oli got used to it after a few days and well Nubia? You’ll see what she did to the toy in the next post LOL.

If you’d like to purchase this for your own cats you can get the PetSafe FroliCat Cheese Cat Toy via Amazon fora current offer price of £21.45.

Also available on Amazon US for 29.99 USD or Amazon DE for 34.95 Euros.

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