Purrsday Poetry: Goodbye, My Beloved Young Cat by Sheryl A Weinstein

Hi everyone,

Please find below the latest entry in Purrsday Poetry by Sheryl A Weinstein (Please note that no photos were available for the cat this written for hence we chose a Tortoise shell cat on Pinterest):

(January 19, 2015)

The stillness of the night erases the day’s phony smiles.
The pain, so vivid, dredged from the depths of the soul
Remains dulled NOT by time.

False concerns fade into emptiness
A warm spot left icy cold
Cries now silent
Never again to feel hunger or touch your soft fur

Your light of the moment blossoming in brevity
Blown out in the night
Left only in stillness
A glow of the surroundings “voices” the dullness
And it is so quiet
Released way too early;

Ringing tears the silence
And the sun dominates
As if to warm and soothe

Irreality penetrates your
inaudible cries.

©2015 By Sheryl A Weinstein. All Rights Reserved.


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Photo Credit: Pinterest

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33 thoughts on “Purrsday Poetry: Goodbye, My Beloved Young Cat by Sheryl A Weinstein

  1. sledpress says:

    Oh, that made me cry. My beau The Engineer lost his little Seven just a few months after moving in, also too young to leave, it’s only starting to feel possible to write about it. Cat parent hugs all round.

  2. lawjic says:

    I am the one who wrote the poem about a young Tortie I lost at age 7 while I was in Law School. Recently, I just had to euthanize my 19 year old cat, Ms. Cali, the love of my life for REAL. She had had just turned 19 and she was diagnosed with a terminal colonic stricture and very aggressive carcinoma of the colon. This meant Ms. Cali could NOT poop ever again. Euthanizing her was the most humane option. So I lost Ms. Cali at the end of May and thought it was the END OF MY WORLD.

    What I did not know was that my BEAUTIFUL young mother would suffer a massive stroke on June 1 (SO GLAD Ms. Cali did not know as SHE was worried about ME and did NOT want to leave. Sadly, Mom died on June 11 and we buried her on her actual birthday, June 14, 2015 (FLAG DAY). The grief just gets worse and worse, so I am going away for a while on a cruise in a cool and gorgeous place to “throw the grief over board”. I have not yet written a TRIBUTE TO MS. CALI, but will do so on the cruise. For Mom, I wrote and posted a short poem and a Tribute which was part of the Eulogy I gave at her Funeral. They are accessible from my Profile and many of you have seen them and left kind comments.

    I never dreamed that one day all was well; the next day, both Ms. Cali and my beloved Mother (my two very best friends) were gone forever. With that said, I do dedicate this little Poem to Ms. Cali and Mom, though it’s about another lost pet.

    Thanks for reading and I appreciate your comments. Now you see what Marc means when he said I have been having a very hard time. With friends like him and others, I am healing slowly. I think getting away and breathing fresh air will give me FRESH EYES and a new outlook on living without my LOVED ONES.

    Hug your pets and your family, dear friends. Only God knows if they will be here tomorrow. Thanks for listening and reading my comment and poem.

    Sheryl AKA LAWJIC

  3. Lucy Ricardo says:

    Seems like love and loss go together. The amount of love we feel for someone equals the amount of pain we feel when we lose them. Somehow, it doesn’t make sense. Why does loving someone feel so pleasurable? Why does loosing love hurt so much?
    I know you (we) grieve, but don’t give up. I found that if you give all your lost love to others, your hurting pain will turn back to pleasure.

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