Mews: May the force be with you

Hi everyone,

If you love StarWars this has got to be one of the funniest cat videos of YouTube!


Watch the kats battle with LIGHTSABERS!

May the force be with you and enjoy this video. 🙂



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56 thoughts on “Mews: May the force be with you

  1. elgianne says:

    LOL, that is really funny. I was very worried though with the two dogs and that kitty. If that was my kitty I wouldn’t have allowed that to happen! Then again, dogs usually lose in a dog/cat fight!

  2. billythetimecat says:

    I love lightsabers, don’t tell my mom I have one, she doesn’t know. The first time I used my lightsaber I almost lost all my whiskers. Mom still wondering what happened then. I took lessons from Yoda, old guy. Strange way of speaking doesn’t look as good as me when I was that age 😉

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