Nubia: Happy Cat Hampurr Anniversary

Hello everyone,

Cat Hampurr recently celebrated their anniversary and we managed to get our hands on one of the celebration boxes! 😀


Nubia: Of course I knew immediately that this box is for me! How? Well I am on the box!


Nubia: Human! Help me move that purple paper… I don’t wanna damage it. :O


Nubia: What wonders will be in there! 😀


Nubia: What you are trying to take photos of the stuff in MY box? I am busy sniffing it out… Move along.


Nubia: All your goodies belong to me. 😀


Oliver: What is going on here!

Nubia: I  got presents! 😀 They are all mine!

Oliver: I don’t think so… Mrs Greedy o.o

Nubia: Fine, fine you can pick ONE for yourself.


Nubia: Pleeaaaase will you open this tasty looking tuna loin?


Nubia: Pretty please? <3

Our box included:

  • Two Applaws Tuna loins (One for me and one for my brother I guess…)
  • Flying Frenzy Cat toy! 😀
  • A catnip cushion woohooo
  • A nice pack of crunchies from Fish4Cats
  • Mini chewy sticks

For a full review of this subscription service please check out the humans post here!

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22 thoughts on “Nubia: Happy Cat Hampurr Anniversary

  1. writingtonight says:

    Nubia reminds me of Meanstreak, my cat I had in Montana, son of Legendary Dukeboy and best friend. R.I.P. love them both and it will be a great day when we reunite again in heaven.

        • Marc-André says:

          Cathampurr is 11.95 a month if you want a box every month or you can pay 6£ per month and receive a box every other month.

          If you just want to get a few toys I’ve setup a discount code for you on our Katzenworld shop for 10%. 🙂 katzenworld10

          • Marc-André says:

            Ah! Doh in the US there is a couple of choices. Meowbox and another one. I’m sure angel reviewed one of those on our blog… Must ask Lisa haha. If you’d like any of our stuff I can send to the U.S. 😀 Not too expensive for economy delivery either just slow. 🙁

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