Guest Star: Mr. Bailey, the wise Zen Cat has a side kick

Hi everyone,

Here is the latest story from KT Paws and Mr Bailey the wise Zen Cat!

Earlier this year I shared the story about Lessons from Mr. Bailey; the wise zen cat. This was about Mr. Bailey; a cute ocean-blue eyed, red pointed Siamese cat that prowls in his un-stealth like fashion at night, keeping us safe from direct combatants. He is a single-minded warrior always ready to capture and attack.

Mr. Bailey

Mr. Bailey maintains his warrior position at night, but in the daylight hours his armor disappears as he becomes crouching (scared) tiger, hidden cat. When loud noises prevail or visitors arrive, he goes full speed under the protective shelter of the bed. Actually he is keeping a watchful eye on the dust bunnies for they need protection too.

Yes, every warrior has an Achilles heel, his just happens to stick out from under the bed.

bailey stealth hiding

For a long time now, Mr. Bailey has been howling for a new comrade to join his army of one. He is very aware that every awesome hero needs a side kick; Batman & Robin, Sherlock & Watson, Pooh Bear & Piglet, and now he found his “half” side-kick in this new warrior-Zen duo… Miss Mattie, the “paw popping” Pattie.

They’re two peas in a cat (box) pod.

checking the inner perimeter of the cat box

Once Miss Mattie made the cat-commitment to train, Mr. Baily was super surprised at how well she did in his long (about a day) Bailey boot camp. Unlike Mr. Bailey with his not-so graceful bumps in the night, Miss. Mattie is soft on her paws, round in her belly and stealth like with her natural black & white color of concealment. She is powerful in her own right as she needs no weapons or gear, just tiny cuteness.

Miss Mattie is small in stature, big in personality as she pads with enthusiasm and lion determination maintaining the inner parameter of the home during the day. She keeps a small green eye on anything that breaks the boundary or rules of the home.

Now, Mr. Bailey prowls by night, Miss Mattie pads by day.

I will note that Miss Mattie has just obtained her black belt in negotiating complex cat-solutions. She demands accountability from the vacuum cleaner making sure no toys are seized. She effectively uses high octave meows to demand belly rubs and snacks. Recently, she just mastered this new strategic interrogation maneuver; positioning herself in the light of the TV to acquire the sleepy-eyed humans attention.

mattie resting after warrior work

Miss Mattie effortlessly bats her cute kitten-eyes of suggestion to get her way. She meets visitors with her ear-tipping adorability so she can put her scent of approval upon them. In spy like fashion, she is sneaky and smart. No one gets by Paw Popping Mattie-Pattie, not even Mr. Bailey.

Not only is the house secure, it is Mattie-Pattie paw proofed.

As she quickly moves up the ranks in this army of two, she fights against human procrastination and injustice! She has become proficient at the ancient art of using tiny wiggles and jumps to bunny-kick and ninja “paw pop” her way through any situation. Those human feet that taunt her from under the bed blanket are no match to her paw-popping power. She also stipulates that the food bowl must be full; one morsel less will hold heavy consequences.

mattie protecting the window

Miss Mattie also helps Mr. Baily make certain the cat toys and large cat-play boxes are properly scattered, and strategically placed down the hall to block the way when visitors arrive. It must appear that the humans look like over-the-top crazy-cat people. (It’s a good cover.)

Recently, the most defensive position that Miss Mattie has been given is to defend our honor against the shower curtain and paper towel roles. They will be destroyed on contact!

destroying the evil paper towels

Mr. Baily has proudly given Miss Mattie his of paw-of-approval and she is now due for her first badge of honor. That is nice, but the only thing Miss Mattie “paw popping” Pattie expressing for her warrior effort is a pink cape. It will complement her collar and show the world that she is part of this superhero Zen duo; recognition that she is an “official” side-kick and not a half side-kick.

Miss Mattie may not sit on the pillow of contentment like Mr. Bailey, but she does sit on the cat Zen box (gives her extra height) to share her tiny lessons.

mattie 2014

Even though she still fights learning the ways of Zen, here are a few reluctant lessons from Miss Mattie “paw popping“ Pattie. Minus the pink cape.

  • You must look high and low for injustice. Humans are big, so injustices are like hot air, they multiply, rise and float outwards. To keep them contained, you must monitor the perimeter of the house including the ceiling. (cob webs collect these tiny lies & un-truths)

miss mattie paw popping a cob web

  • Paw pop only if necessary. A warrior Zen cat uses awareness and subtle cat voice of reason. Instead raise the paws in Namaste’ or a high-five paw. A paw shake and sharing of tuna goes much further. (Look into my cat eye-T-U-N-A)
  • I am tiny but size doesn’t matter. Piglet will agree. Small things can bring small changes or create irritating ones that will bunny kick your butt into another direction. If you don’t believe me, ask a flea.
  • Mr. Bailey sits on his cushion of contentment; I am much more active with paws on the floor, as I teach from the trenches of the cat box. I suggest you play in the box, but know that life is found outside of it. (Humans often clean under the box, so the bottom must be just as important.) I also suggest sitting on top of your cat box to increase the echoing power of the meow and purr. Humans like this for some reason.

mattie zen paws

Oh, Mr. Bailey wants me to meow something Zen.

Um…Purr on!

Miss Mattie is a rescue cat that joined our home about 3 months ago. She is about 16 months old but tiny for her size. I was told she had kittens at a very young age which stunted her growth.

Miss Mattie and Mr. Baily have become best cat friends.

miss sleepy mattie

I am blessed.

Peace, Hugs & Purrs!

KT Cat Paws

We hope you all are looking forward to more lovely photos and posts <3  @KatzenworldBlog



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27 thoughts on “Guest Star: Mr. Bailey, the wise Zen Cat has a side kick

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      • lawjic says:

        I have to say, and you will agree (as you have above), I cannot help but love the “sweet innocent” look on Mr. Baily’s face, while he is sitting in his shredded mess! I love to watch the cat shredders, as long as THEY do not own me….this is just vintage and classic shredding. The whole thing is wonderful, but that INNOCENCE on his face, is amazing to see. He has no idea that the human he owns may not LOVE all the shredding!!! Love it. < 3 ~Sheryl

  2. ktcatpaws says:

    Thank You.
    I love the looks too! Its the ‘What is your problem human? I am helping you” look.
    Now I must go clean up the shredded paper bag that was sacrificed this morning. Sigh.

  3. The Canadian Cats says:

    Mr. Bailey looks a lot like Kali…you have to watch these Flame Points because they are quiet during the day but at night I can hear Kali out in the hall practicing her ninja moves….you can’t fool me.


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