Charity Mews: CSAF – Candy Cat Calendar 2015

Hi everyone,

Our friends over at CSAF (Carers for Stray and Abandoned Felines) have launched an indiegogo campaign for their Candy Cat Calendar 2015. Their charity looks after stray and abandoned cats on the island of Malta.

Best of all you will receive fun and cute calendars and other items for your donations!


Maybe you’d like the cute desktop calendar?


Or a calendar featuring their own cats?

All funds raised will go towards the care of their approximately 250 cats. To click straight through to the campaign please click here.

More details from their campaign page:

We are a cat shelter asking for your kind help. Running a cat shelter is no easy task and with 250 cats it’s an endless challenge. The team at the CSAF shelter are small and finding volunteers, raising money for food and medicines is a daily burden.


We have designed the Candy Cat Calendar 2015 to create more awareness of the need for funds at the CSAF shelter. Your support will help keep the shelter clean and prevent the cats from going hungry.

The cats in the CSAF cat shelter are there for many unfortunate reasons. Most are craving company and be a part of a warm home.They are lucky to find the care and dedication the small CSAF team provides every morning and late afternoon every single day of the year.

Can you imagine a shelter with 250 cats? The CSAF team have been caring for cats for over 10 years dealing with abused, abandoned, malnourished and sick cats. The level of care is vast and the delicate situations require the most attention.


Think of the CSAF shelter as a home and a hospital for cats. Buying any of the Candy Cat 2015 Calendars is a priceless gesture. We have tried our best to make it as attractive as possible for your home, place of work or as a gift.

CIRCLE 8_video shot

Your act of kindness will help all 250 of our delicate feline friends keep strong and well. The Candy Cat Calendars will serve as a reminder of your unselfishness towards animals.

More about the idea behind the campaign:

Cat Calendar to raise funds for CSAF

A Malta cat shelter is testing it’s feet in crowd funding using the famous platform Indiegogo. The CSAF (Carers for Stray and Abandoned Felines) is currently undertaking this initiative to raise funds in order to meet its current and future expenses. Food, medicines and labour costs are a daily challenge with the upkeep of so many cats.

The campaign on Indiegogo features a cat calendar with some of their most charming feline rescues and is currently available for purchase online. To enhance this effort, a video was produced locally and donated to the CSAF featuring a puppet cat by the name of Mr. Richardson narrating the story.

CSAF is a voluntary organization whose mission statement is to rescue, care, neuter and home stray cats in the South of Malta. The organization is currently in charge of nearly 300 stray cats.

More information on the campaign may be found from: The site also has a link to an Indiegogo site where the calendar may be purchased.

CSAF can be contacted through its Facebook page CSAF MALTA or directly at their cat sanctuary in Cospicua. The campaign is meant to reach a wider audience and appeal to animal lovers the world over.

Link To Indiegogo campaign:





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