Cat Travel: The Cat cafe Singapore


Hi everyone,

Today we would like to feature a guest post from Jaslyn.

She went to another one of those amazing cat cafes!

Who needs retail therapy when you can get cat therapy? City dwellers who dislike the hassle of having to care for an own cat could now sooth their frazzled nerves and engage in some fur-ruffling and cat-petting at The Cat Cafe. Furballs, food and great company. Purr-fect for cat lovers! =)

Her original post features even more photos and can be found here.



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19 thoughts on “Cat Travel: The Cat cafe Singapore

    • Marc-André says:

      Hey Laila. That shouldn’t have happened oO my sharing plugin must have gone wrong because i do also have a blogspot url of my own. Will have to check that out… (It probably got confused when i was invited to the secret paw gift exchange as im taking part in that)

    • Marc-André says:

      Yeah that’s what happened… They were meant to go to my own blog on Blogger but it seems the plugin is highly confused by the fact that my profile is linked to two blogs at the moment! Sorry i removed them into draft mode and will manually move them to my own later :s

      • Laila and Minchie says:

        Thought you’d want to know. We have caught ourselves in the past posting pictures to Secret Paws of our presents then forgetting to sign out and signing in to our regular blog. Hope you got some cool cats in the Secret Paws!

        • Marc-André says:

          We do :D. And yeah i am currently trying to figure out how to stop my wordpress plugin from choosing secret paws over my own blogspot profile LOL. Because they are both in the list of the same google account

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