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Gingerbread, Gracie, Kizzy & Susy: Fun With Their Gorgeous 4cats Toys for Play

This was only the second Christmas here for the gorgeous Gingerbread, Gracie and Kizzy – [...]


ProtectaPet Launches Innovative Cat Balcony Kit

The ProtectaPet Cat Balcony Kit enables apartment-dwelling cat owners to provide safe, supervised, outdoor access [...]

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A Pawsome Cat Cave by jerry’s

Hello Katzenworld! This week, we have a review for you of a spectacular cat cave [...]


4cats Couples Cat Toys – A Match Made in Heaven!

Hi everyone, Today we’d like to introduce you to the latest toys by 4cats! Our [...]

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Because we Love our Cats: The Cuddly Hearts by 4cats

If cats gave each other presents to show they liked each other, I’m sure they [...]

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Book Mews: The Crazy Cat Lady’s Activity Book

Lions and Toygers and British Shorthairs, Oh My! There’s a new book in town that [...]

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How to Trim Your Pets Nails Stress-Free the ZenClipper

Hi everyone, No matter if you have a dog, cat or small furry such as [...]

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Whiskers Fatigue & How to Prevent This With Wide and Elevated Bowls

As these bowls turned out to be one of the most popular items from our [...]

Mactavish: Celebrate the New Year With the 4cats Fortune Cookie Cat Toy

Hi everyone, And with new year just on the horizon I thought it would be [...]

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An Epic Cat Novel for Christmas

2022 saw the publication of ‘Mykonos and Athena – A Furry Tale’, a heart-warming adventure [...]

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Prevent Whisker Fatigue This Christmas

Hi everyone, With Christmas nearly upon us we’ve decided to further extend our 20% discount [...]

Japanese Themed Cat Toys for Cool Kats by Munchiecat!

Hi everyone, Our feline overlords would like to let you know that we’ve further expanded [...]

Christmas Presents for Cats!

Hi everyone, With Christmas on the Horizon we thought it would be a brilliant opportunity [...]


I’m not sure how it happened, but this year I ended up releasing the sequels [...]


Gingerbread, Gracie, Kizzy & Susy: Fun With Their Gorgeous 4cats Toys

There was no doubt about who would get their presents first and how entertained they’d [...]

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CatsEssentials CEO Debuts New Book – For the Love of Cats

FOR THE LOVE OF CATS: CatsEssentials’ CEO Melissa Mezzalira Debuts Book Chronicling Journey as Luxury [...]

Gus & Bella’s Halloween Cat Box

It’s October and that means it’s time for Gus & Bella’s Spooky Halloween Box! This [...]

Last Chance to Enter the 4cats Nature Line Cat Toys Giveaway

Hi everyone, Following from our initial post on the new Nature Line by 4cats we [...]

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Single With Cat, a Sweet Romantic Comedy

Can she save the Happy Endings Bookstore and have the happy ending she deserves? Olivia [...]


Why do Some Cats Suffer From Whiskers Fatigue?

Hi everyone, With our current 20% special on Necoichi bowls with the code Necoichi we [...]

From Poets Wear Prada, Meowku by Patricia Carragon

From Poets Wear Prada, Meowku by Patricia Carragon Photo Credit: Marc-Andre Patricia Carragon. author of [...]


4cats NEW Nature Line Cat Toys PLUS Giveaway!

Hi everyone, We have some exciting news for you today! 4cats has launched the new [...]


How to Deal With Eating Issues in Cats

Hi everyone, Following on from our post on the benefits of extra-wide bowls, we are [...]

Dirk’s Play Time with the 4cats Motive Cushion Cat Toy

I think this picture says it all, no need for me to tell you Dirk [...]

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Sushi Cats! You Just Have to Collect Them all!

Hi everyone, Today we are doing a slightly different post from our usual ones. 😉 [...]


What is Whisker Fatigue and How to Remedy it

Hi everyone, As there is just over a week left to get Necoichi bowls at [...]

Katzenworld Cats Garden Party With the Necoichi Mount Fuji Bowl!

Hi everyone, It’s me Rennie as the feature cat today! And I have ALL of [...]


Mactavish & Freya: Time for a Game of Tug of War with the Sisal Cat Toy!

Hi everyone, It’s me wee Mactavish here today with our new Sisal Cat Toy by [...]


The Benefits of Raised Cat Food Bowls

Hi everyone, To celebrate summer we have a special on the Necoichi brand in our [...]


Dirk and the Premium Cat Wrestler by 4cats

4cats have a premium range of toys and Dirk was one of the lucky cats [...]

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