Good Health and Snarky Cats

The best cats are often the bad ones. That is the premise behind Snarky Cats Stealing Quotes Coloring Book for Adults. Creative and funny, with a bit of bite this is not an activity book to be taken too seriously. Yet, that is purr-cisely one of it’s benefits.

Published by Soggy Nomad Press and Created by Nola Lee Kelsey

Colouring books for adults are often touted to be all about relaxation. They are a form of escapism which lets us tune out the world, channeling our creativity from the comfort of our own homes. Colouring focuses us in the moment, similar to mediation.

What else is know to help people overcome anxiety and provide relive stress? Cats, of course. From petting to purrs multiple studies have shown our feline masters to be furry, meowing relaxants. It might be a bridge too far to say colouring cat images multiplies the tranquil effects of colouring, rendering you completely Zen. However, colouring while sitting next to a cat… or 10?

Now add in the healthy benefits from laughter. Win, win, win!

Snarky Cats Coloring Book is packed full or quotes, from the ridiculous to the… well, more ridiculous, seeing the world through cat-centric eyes. From your favorite Crazy Cat Lady sayings, to kittens vandalizing famous quotes, Snarky Cats is made to be unapologetically irreverent. If it helps you to chill the fluff out, that’s just a bonus.

From Voltaire to Hellen Keller, Chinese proverbs to famous movie quotes, Snarky Cats pearls of wisdom include:

  • A Bird in the hand is worth two in the cat
  • Hell hath no fury like a Siamese scorned
  • It’s always darkest before the hairball
  • With great Bengals comes great responsibility

Let these and other life lessons wash over you like a gentle cloud of cat litter dust. Enjoy!


Snarky Cats Stealing Quotes Coloring Book for Adults is available on all Amazon websites including:

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ISBN: 978-1957532189

Author: Nola Lee Kelsey

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