Japanese Themed Cat Toys for Cool Kats by Munchiecat!

Hi everyone,

Our feline overlords would like to let you know that we’ve further expanded our Cat toys by munchiecat range.

About Munchiecat:

Munchiecat’s toys are made from durable, non-toxic materials, so you can feel good about offering them to your cat. Plus, unlike many other pet toys, our toys are designed to be safe. We don’t use small plastic parts, feathers, string or beads that could break off and pose a serious safety issue. In fact, we follow strict safety guidelines and constantly try to improve through our customers’ feedback and extensive research.

Each toy is infused with organic catnip. Some include crinkle paper, while others have rattles or bells securely sewn inside. Our toys are designed for both solo and interactive play time with their humans because playing with your cat not only keeps them healthy and happy; it also forges a stronger bond between you.



Finally! A toy for the cat with a more refined culinary palate!

“Sushi” by Munchiecat is a plush sushi toy set that will stimulate your kitty’s natural instincts to explore and play, and satisfy the need all cats have for a sophisticated and well-cultured experience.

These soft and durable toys are the perfect size for some serious playtime by your favorite feline!

The Nigiri toys are each infused with a generous amount of catnip while the Maki toys come with a bell inside to offer a variety of fun entertainment.



Their design goal for the sushi set was to keep it simple. Simple designs are safe. They reduce the chances of tears, breaks, and choking. No need for fancy stitching, beads, paint, additional ink or printing designs which add to the cost and increase health risks for your cats.

Simple designs = high quality & low cost. 

But the brand hasn’t just stopped with sushi since we first met them! They’ve added many more interesting designs such as the Wagashi such as the lovely Sakura Set,Taiyaki or even japanese style ice cream!

Munchiecat – Taiyaki Organic Catnip Toy Wagashi – (Available as Single or Double Pack)

Elevate your cat’s playtime with these super soft and adorably sweet little treats. Japanese for cherry blossom, these “Sakura” toys are sure to please with catnip, crinkle, and bells.

What is Wagashi? “Wagashi” is Japanese for “sweet, dessert or treat”, and each toy is designed in the style of the creator’s favorite Japanese snacks and treats. She endeavored to bring the same level of care and attention to detail and design to her catnip wagashi as is given to creating human wagashi .

How many pet toys would you call “beautiful”? Probably not many. I mean, you’ve been in pet shops, right? I could never find any. Munchiecat was born from her desire to change that — to make toys that would wow both cats and their humans.

Her designs focus on visual elegance for the humans, enjoyability for the cats and safety for everyone. That means each piece is precision-sewn from durable yet minky soft plush. And no beads, paints, feathers, strings or anything that could pose a hazard.

Top it all off with a generous infusion of potent catnip and you’ve got most beautifully designed toys for cats…that keeps humans in mind too.

And if that isn’t enough yet… you can also find cheese, olives and figs in the range of this brand!

We hope you like the look of these toys as much as we do. Please do check them out in our blog shop here. All purchases support our blog and the cats aka masters of mischief. 😀



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