4cats Couples Cat Toys – A Match Made in Heaven!

Hi everyone,

Today we’d like to introduce you to the latest toys by 4cats! Our premium range of cat toys lovingly made in Germany.

Each of the cat toys in the couple’s collection comes in a set of two toys! Either provide your feline friend with a magical set of toys or allow them to share it with their feline companion. 😀

The toys are just the right size to fit into their little paws.

And felines love rubbing them all over their face with to indulge in either valerian or catnip while enjoying the feel of the lush material.

Just remember if you have more than one feline, leave at least one toy per cat out as we wouldn’t want any arguments over the toys. 😀

And playtime together is double the fun! Part of why 4cats decided to make this cat toy a double pack!

No matter the age of your cat, or where they like to play the new couple’s toys will soon be their new favourite. 😀



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