The “Naughties” Trialling the new Tippaws Cat Food

Hi everyone,

It’s me Renegade here today and me, Freya and Mactavish (aka the Naughties!) finally got our paws on some of the fabulous cat food from Tippaws! Those of you that read our blog regularly may have already read a bit about this company in our humans post about the brand here.

Never fear if you missed it; we will tell you all about them! 😀

But first… dear humans… there seems to be a problem here with those bags of cat food!

No! I didn’t mean that the writing wasn’t readable!!! The bags are NOT yet open!!!! Pleaaaaaaasssseeeee!!!!!

Mactavish: Shall I give you a paw brother?

Renegade: Are you able to get into the bag for us?

Mactavish: Hmmm no…. but I can tell you that this looks awesome from the description! 70% salmon & white fish and it’s even got added taurine, cranberries  and yucca extract!

Renegade: Ok… I get the fish but what is the other stuff for?

Mactavish: Did you know that not all cat food is equal? It is essential to look out for what is classed as complete food! Only with sufficient levels of taurine, we felines can actually absorb all the nutrients from our food properly so adding taurine to food is VERY important! The Yucca extra binds to urea to reduce the bad smell in stool and lastly, the dried cranberry is important for urinary tract health.

Renegade: At last! The food is in a bowl for us!

Mactavish: Excuse me I did all the explaining while you only complained so it should be me first…

Freya: Are you two seriously starting without me????

Renegade: *Munching away and talking with his mouth full of crunchies* Well yes we did… because you know we two did all the heavy lifting!

And before we head off let’s not forget to tell our readers where to get the food and our final verdict!

The humans also made a very important point about the seals of the bags… they were VERY impressed with the super secure and easy to open and close sealing on the bags! Not just made it easy for them but also they said it keeps a certain chubby oriental out of the food bag.

Mactavish: The chubby oriental being you Renegade…

Renegade: Hold on a second… I am not chubby and I never break into bags…

Mactavish: You always break into bags but haven’t managed to do that with this one! So I can see why the humans were impressed!

Renegade: Anyhow… back on topic… so the overall verdict is that this is a superb high-quality yet affordable cat food that does not compromise on quality. A high level of protein from meat as well as vegetable protein rather than bulking up the food with cereals or rice like many other brands.

The food is available directly from Tippaws and comes in 300 gram sample sizes, 1.5kg or 5kg bags! Delivery to mainland UK is free from 20£ order value.

We hope you enjoyed our look at Tippaws and see you all again soon!

Signed by the Three Naughties (Renegade, Mactavish and Freya)

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