Gingerbread, Gracie, Kizzy & Susy: Fun With Their Gorgeous 4cats Toys for Play

This was only the second Christmas here for the gorgeous Gingerbread, Gracie and Kizzy – and the first for Susy (although she still prefers to keep us at some distance with her outdoor shelters). There was no doubt about who would get their presents first on Christmas morning, and how entertained they’ve been since with their valerian toys! GB is the expert – with a collection of toys already, but more are always appreciated by this funny little gang.  He loves to sort the basket for his favourites which are then usually brought upstairs to me – and I’ve learnt that I’m also required to join in this play!

Last Christmas Gracie didn’t have much concept of  how to play, it was only a few months since I’d brought these guys home from a sanctuary, but she was thrilled with her ‘fried egg’ then – her first Christmas present – and when she was under the weather recently GB found it in the basket and took it to her – a very wise and clever cat!

Once  the play is finished for the day – they’ve also discovered that the bigger toys make nice pillows… I wonder what they’re dreaming….

Cat Names: Gingerbread is the short-haired ginger and white cat, Gracie is the long-haired ginger and white cat, Kizzy is the long-haired tortie and Susy is the black cat.

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2 thoughts on “Gingerbread, Gracie, Kizzy & Susy: Fun With Their Gorgeous 4cats Toys for Play

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