Book Mews: The Crazy Cat Lady’s Activity Book

Lions and Toygers and British Shorthairs, Oh My!

There’s a new book in town that has the craziest among us ‘feline’ fine. It is no secret to the cat addicted that our fuzzy overlords improve our quality of life. Countless studies show the very presence of cats in our homes relieves anxiety, improves sleep and generally makes us happier. But, can they help our memory too? It’s quite purr-ssible.

Published by Soggy Nomad Press and Created by Nola Lee Kelsey

The Crazy Cat Lady’s Activity Book for Adults is the perfect storm of brain food, kittens and catty humor. Cat-themed crossword puzzles, word searches, cryptograms, mazes, colouring and more elicit both the relaxation and memory challenges activity books are known for, but the benefits don’t stop there. Every page of this delightful book is packed full of so much whimsical cat art it could even make a Persian smile.

Crazy Cat Lady’s is no genetic publication. Producers of ordinary activity books often purchase simplistic themed word lists online. A generalized cat word list may be bundled up along with Caravans 101 and Tropical Fruit lists, all compiled by the same person. However, every puzzle in Crazy Cat Lady’s was curated one fluffy word at a time, by zoologist Nola Lee Kelsey, the owner of Soggy Nomad Press. A failed recovering cataholic, Kelsey’s love for felines and off-beat humor shows throughout her book. 

So if you’re not relaxed enough just having cats in your life, double down on the tranquility. Check out The Crazy Cat Lady’s Activity Book for Adults today and laugh along while you exercise your memory and put your cat-savvy wisdom to the test. It’s all in good fun!


The Crazy Cat Lady’s Activity Book for Adults:

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