Snowy: A Grumpy Babushka, Fashion Icon, and Feline Foodie – A Tale of a Fashionable Cat

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Hello, My name is Snowy. I have been described as a grumpy old Babushka, Fashion Icon, Feline Foodie, and CCIC (Chief Cat In Charge). I am all of these. I found my way from Miss Elena’s Ragdoll Cattery into the home of my Humans in San Francisco in 2013 as a tiny kitten. Shortly thereaLer, on a weekend trip to wine country – Sunday aLernoon I held up the entire household departure of approximately 13 guests for several hours, having crawled into the plumbing mechanism behind the giant soaker tub in the master bathroom. I love practical jokes.

A baby pic of me, 2013:

In 2016, my niece Tootsie (runt of the litter) joined my human’s home. Everything goes well as long as Tootsie remembers who came first. She is a little odd.

I put up with her childish antics, because I am that magnanimous.

My humans have a Parisian neighbor who recognizes my fashion sense and adores my beauty, but recently he remarked on my size and that because I was a fashionable girl, I should be more trim. Regardless of the fact that the vet agrees, I am waiting for my humans to fly me to Paris, in the style of Choupette, the late Karl Lagerfeld’s Birman, so that I may educate the French about the importance of body positivity.

Like Lizzo, I celebrate my size. Like Taylor SwiL, I have a solid girl squad. One of my besties, Pancake, lives in New England. Pancake adores sitting in her bay window, policing the squirrels outside.

Pancake has a sizable rider to her contract – but I celebrate a woman who can advocate for her needs.

Finally – I would be remiss if I did not mention those whom I admire. I take inspiration from OG Tuxedo Cat Pear, found in the engine of a car and adopted by a close friend of my humans, Pear spent years prowling around out from her Victorian house near Golden Gate Park, and survived a cat-napping, a poisoning, and many other perilous events. She is a survivor, well beyond the normal 9 lives. Pear has now retired from the rat-race of San Francisco, and enjoys a slower pace of life surrounded by natural beauty with her humans in Utah, in a communal life teaching her wise survival ways to foster kittens who come in and out of her human’s home.

I imagine the admiration I feel for Pear is a little like the relationship between Oprah and Maya Angelou.

When I am not occupied weighing in on important causes, I find it important to take time to socialize, enjoy myself and re-charge. I have a friend Coconut, fellow Ragdoll I met at a Blessing of the Animals celebration on St. Francis’ feast Day, here in San Francisco.

I go to these things to humor my humans. There are just some social events a feline cannot miss.

When we are not in the limelight, Coco and I adore a restful spa experience. Coco’s favorite respite is his private reserved pool-side cabana cat-tree in the window in SoCal, where private chef grandma makes him chicken. Coco has a new little sister Pearl, and he understands the struggle is real.

Coco felt I needed a similar experience, so because he’s so generous, he had his human send me a luxury spa macrame day-bed, like the Hollywood set likes to enjoy in Baja California. I have to say, it’s pretty nice. I ask my humans to put my luxury spa day-bed next to my favorite window, so I can lounge in the sun, and recharge.

All in all, I say it’s pretty good to be me.



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