One blog, one cat, one blogger

What change, big or small, would you like your blog to make in the world?

When I wrote my first post about Louis Catorze, his skin allergy was at a very bad point and the aim was to find a cure. Somehow I just imagined that I would end up chatting to the humans of other allergic cats, and that one of them would mention some obscure medication or ingredient which would magic-bullet Catorze to super health.

This never happened. Although we have discovered steroid shots, which stave off the problem to a certain degree, nothing has cured him. And I have learned that keeping the little sod comfortable is more important than putting him through endless tests in a quest to find a solution, especially as that solution may never come.

So, now, my blog is just a bit of fun, and I am very lucky that it has brought me friends from all over the world. I don’t do anything to promote it, I don’t sell anything or monetise it, nor do I monitor the stats (mainly because I don’t know how). Writing about Catorze relieves the huge amount of stress that comes with being his second seventeenth favourite human* and having to provide him with a luxury lifestyle whilst being treated with contempt in return. And, if I can make one person smile, or have one person realise that they have it comparatively easy with their nice, normal cat, then I have succeeded in my mission.

If you are a regular follower, or if you have ever shared my blog, thank you. It really is such a treat for me to be able to write for you, and having your support certainly makes up for all the grief caused by this furry, toothy psychopath.

Penny for your thoughts, Le Roi. Actually, no, it’s probably best that we don’t know.

*The others are Cat Daddy, Cocoa the babysit cat’s daddy, Cocoa the babysit cat’s brother, Daddy Next Door, Disco the dog’s daddy, Cat Daddy’s friend Paul from down the road, That Neighbour, our friend Steve, our friend Phil, our chat-sitteur’s boyfriend George, the pub landlord, the pub landlord’s son, Krzysztof driving the Lemon van from Ocado, the man who fixed the dishwasher and those two trick-or-treating youths who came wearing clown masks and brandishing machine guns.

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