Purr Evil

What are your top ten favorite movies?

I love horror films. However, because most of them are utter dross, I couldn’t possibly name the ten best ones. In fact, I’m struggling to name even three really good ones. I’m now stuck in a situation whereby Netflix and Prime think I like bad films, so they recommend more for me, and of course I watch them, prompting them to recommend even more, and so on.

Most cat people don’t like watching films – especially horror films – in which cats are portrayed as evil, but I find it strangely comforting. Mainly because, no matter how evil they are, they could never as bad as Louis Catorze.

Catorze and I often watch horror films together, and usually I’m the one who chooses. If I were to leave it up to him, I think he would go for these, firstly because they all involve cats, but also because the titles remind him of himself:

1. Uninvited (he goes into neighbours’ houses without permission).

2. The Uncanny (no explanation required).

3. Crimes of the Black Cat (ditto).

4. Re-Animator (my biggest fear when it comes to Catorze’s dead prey is that it will spring back to life when I am trying to bag it up and dispose of it).

5. Hush (if only he would).

6. Let The Right One In (obviously an ironic title as Catorze is very much the wrong one).

7. Strays (no, not the 2023 fun-fest about cute talking doggies, but a 1991 film about a gang of scary stray cats who don’t want to share their territory with humans and will stop at nothing to frighten them away).

8. A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night (Catorze would most likely leave her to it but happily accompany a boy).

9. The Cat With Hands (NO, THANK YOU – you’ve seen the trouble he causes without them).

10. Pet Sematary (if you think death will stop a cat from carrying out evil deeds, think again).

I have only seen two of the above, which is pretty poor for someone who likes both cats and horror. I imagine that streaming them will be a real mission, and that each one will be on a different platform of which I don’t have membership, but perhaps I could set myself a challenge to watch all ten before Hallowe’en.

And it would be a real novelty to witness some cat-themed horror that ISN’T caused by Catorze.

Oh my goodness.
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