Views of a Cat: If in doubt, go out!

What is your favourite place to go in your city?

If you have a cat who is allowed outside, unless they have a tracker you can probably never be quite sure where they go. However, this lady knows exactly where her cat, Benji, is, because Aldi shoppers keep contacting her to let her know that they’ve spotted him in the supermarket.

They assume him to be lost, but he’s not. He just likes going to Aldi. Fair enough; each to their own.

Louis Catorze doesn’t go very far, although he did once go to a school fête and a sports day. Yes, I do mean an actual school fête and an actual school sports day.

How lovely to have such confidence; despite not knowing any of the humans, and despite the likelihood that there wouldn’t be any other cats, either, the little sod couldn’t resist slipping under the fence into the Zone Libre and joining in the fun at the school behind Le Château.

Well, when I say “joining the fun” I mean observing from afar. But crowds of strangers, screaming kids and, at one event, a regularly-employed starting pistol – in short, everything that cats are supposed to hate – somehow didn’t stop him from choosing that over relaxing in his own garden. Every so often, I would call his name to check that he was still there and not off pooping in the long jump pit, and he would squeak back to reassure me that all was well.

Whereabouts in your town does your cat go? Do you even know? (And, if not, would you WANT to know?)

There’s a bird party in the Zone Libre, but he’s not invited.
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