Guest Star: Daphne the Rescue Cat

Hi everyone,

Please find below the guest story of Daphne which was submitted by her human Erin:

Daphne came into our lives 9/18/20. She was adopted from Wags and Whiskers pet rescue in St. Augustine, FL where she was known as Cute Lil Cuddlebug- a name chosen to reflect her personality.

She was just 3 months old and had been in foster care. I had just put my elderly kitty (Kyra) down and wanted to have another cat ASAP. We have a 3 year old black cat— Sally— and I felt she needed a companion and play mate as she tends to be an introvert. I actually went to look at a different kitten, but she hid.

So, I went into the other kitten room and that is where Daphne came right to me and started doing ankle rubs. I picked her up, she started purring and then fell asleep in my arms. I knew she wanted to come home with me. She is definitely a cuddlebug…the first few days I had her home, she followed me everywhere.

I even had to hold her while I walked on my treadmill. Sally adapted to her quickly and they chase each other around the house. They like to sit in the window together to watch birds and lizards. Daphne is quite the sociable kitten…she helped the cable guy install the new modem. She still likes to keep me in her sights and will cry when she can’t find me.

She will sit at my feet and squeak (her meower isn’t working yet) as she knows I will pick her up for some cuddles and purrs. At night she sleeps curled up next to me or under the covers. She is very active. She loves fuzzy balls and will play fetch. Her favorite mouse toys are often found in the bathtub which she finds to be a great place to play.

Lately, Daphne has been dragging one her stick toys around the house. I can’t express how precious this kitten is. I have now had 5 cats in my life and all have been wonderful in their own ways. They were all basically rescues and I believe that is part of what made them special.

As hard as it was to lose Kyra, bringing Daphne into my life has aided the grieving process and brought me so much joy. My husband was not a cat person prior to meeting me and now he is very attached to these girls.

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