Why we Recommend the Sleepypod Mobile Pet Bed as the Purrfect Carrier

Hi everyone,

Despite the ongoing pandemic our most commonly received question is how to safely travel with your cat. A lot of this is of course down to the fact that people still need to go onto trips to the vet or end up having to move house and thus are looking for the best solution to transport their cat.

Many cat guardians will agree that trips to the vet or any trip requiring a carrier can often be very traumatic experiences for both the cat and human.

But what if they didn’t need to be traumatic?

This is precisely why we have teamed up with Sleepypod as one of our Sponsors. Especially their mobile pet bed in our opinion is the purrfect solution to if not completely eliminate the hate for the carrier to at least sufficiently reduce the dread to be acceptable to both human and cat!

One of the main reasons that cats get stressed by the sight of a carrier is the fact that we usually only bring it out for the dreaded vet trip and thus the cat will develop a let’s say dislike for the carrier and fight against being placed inside.

This is why organisations such as iCatCare promote to get your cat used to a carrier rather than only bringing it out for a trip to the vet.

But let’s face it for many of us having to place a plastic carrier into our living room as a near permanent sight is not something we humans find appealing and that’s where the mobile pet bed makes a huge difference!

While in the house it simply acts as a neat cat bed! With its soft lining and circular design all of our cats are naturally attracted to it as it’s cosey & warm and offers the ideal place to go into a curl position! The mobile pet bed’s sides are also tall enough to offer a sense of protection which really helps cats that prefer their sleeping place to be more protected while still being able to observe their surroundings.

And even for a long cat, like Renegade, it’s still big enough. 🙂

Available in a variety of colours it can easily be matched up to the rest of your interior style and by leaving the carrier out and about for your cat, they will get used to it as a safe and comfortable place to rest. This positive association will help whenever you need to get out the top of the carrier and turn it into a carrier!

Additionally, all Sleepypod products have been vigoriously tested for safety and can be securely strapped into a car seat via the seatbelts.

Available in to the US, Canada and Europe via the Sleepypod website, authorised resellers or Amazon.



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