Kitty Cafe Presents the new Innovative Kitty Bowl

Kitty Cafe have teamed up with Nottingham’s innovators – ProtoHype, to produce and launch a feeding bowl for your feline friends called the Kitty Bowl, to make mealtimes much comfier for your precious furbabies!

What is the Kitty Bowl?
The Kitty Bowl is a pair of glass bowls that are elevated on a sturdy, stylish, brightly coloured stand, absolutely purr-fect to provide both food and drink to your beloved feline! It comes in six, stunning different colours – red, blue, green, yellow, grey and white, so you can pick whatever suits your home the best or of course (and probably more likely because we adore spoiling our cat’s a little), your kitty’s favourite colour; they surely deserve their very own, personalised cat bowl! On this beautiful stand is absolute cuteness overload – a sweet, intricately engraved design of a kitty, to truly complete this incredible product.
How will it benefit my cat?
There are several reasons why we knew this type of product was needed for our precious kitties. One of the main benefits of the bowls being elevated off the ground is that it means that your cat doesn’t have to position their body in an uncomfortable and unnatural hunched shape, in order to reach their food – we are always comfortable when we have our meals, so why shouldn’t our cherished felines be given the same privilege? Avoiding this means it is much easier and quicker for your cat to digest their food. This then, creates less opportunities for them to be sick straight after eating, which is extremely unpleasant for our kitties and is horrible to watch when we feel so helpless.
All of this will make for a very happy, healthy cat, which is surely what each and every single one of the world’s kitties deserve!
How do I purr-chase?
The Kitty Bowl has been very recently launched on Kickstarter, so to show us some support and to buy your feline friend(s) a feeding bowl that will change their mealtimes for the better, please click the following link – Support Here! There’s not a meow-ment to waste – we have LIMITED ‘Early Bird‘ offers available!
Why not visit our meow-vellous social media accounts for paw-some, regular kitty updates and mews: FB: @KittyCafeUK, Instagram: @kittycafeuk and Twitter: @KittyCafeUK1 and don’t forget to support our paw-some collaborators ProtoHype by checking out their website –
All enquiries can be sent to this email address:
All that’s left to say is a H U G E thank you to everyone who decides to support us – it means the world to us and our beautiful, treasured kitties!
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