Mika and the 4cats Valerian Premium Cat Wrestler

Hi everyone,

Today we have a post from Mika and Kerstin for you! And we are very proud that we stock the 4cats premium cat wrestler that they reviewed in our  Blog shop. 🙂

This post is also available in German via the 4cats blog.

Hello everyone. We are Mika and Kerstin from the Instagram account @mika_von_brummkratzihausen. If you want to know more about us, just have a look, we look forward to seeing you.

Today we’ve done a product test for you. The object of desire was the:

4cats Premium Cat Wrestler with Valerian

Our first impression: The packaging is very high quality and when closed, you don’t smell the valerian at all. When it is opened however, the scent of valerian can be smelled immediately. However, not an artificial smell that you know from many other products, this smells much more natural. The packaging is very stable and can be used as a storage solution for the toy. The wrestler is nice and firm and made of cord type fabric. The active ingredient inside is valerian. If you squeeze the roll a bit harder, you will be able to feel some of the valerian root pieces. The sewn-on strings with tassels are very tightly sewn and act very play-inspiring.

Mika’s Product Test: At this point we have to admit that we were a bit skeptical because Mika had previously not responded to valerian toys. He was also very skeptical at the first moment, but that quickly came to an end. He circled the wrestler like it was prey and after a short time the strings had to b”suffer”. He pulled and tugged at them. Shortly after he started to bite into the wrestler, which very quickly turned into a clinging and scratching motion. He was really high at that point, did not let himself be distracted, even tasty food became uninteresting. Unfortunately, the wrestler had to take on a lot and the whole floor (and also Mika) were full of lint. That did not detract him from playing though. A whole 10 minutes he had huge fun with the wrestler, then the effect started to become a little weaker over time until he was totally exhausted and lied down tired looking next to the wrestler. At this point we put it back in the packaging and put it aside. The valerian scent seems to be very intense, because even 2 hours later Mika still sniffed where the area on the floor that the wrestler was on.

Our conclusion: We are very excited since Mika was otherwise never interested in valerian. From a quality point, the wrestler also makes a very good impression. For me personally, it is very important that the Valerian roots are tested in independent laboratories by 4cats and thus contain no harmful substances. Therefore, I can also be sure that is not been manipulated with alcoholic tinctures as “flavor enhancement”.

Definitive Product Recommendation!!!!!!!!!
4 of 5 Points for the processing
5 of 5 Points for the play factor of the toys
5 of 5 Points for the active ingredients

Cheers and have fun with the Cat Wrestler!

Mika and Kerstin (www.instagram.com/mika_von_brummkratzihausen)

Product used in this review:

4cats Premium Cat Wrestler


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