Better Life for the Senior Cat Sisters

The Band of Rescuers recently took two old cat sisters into their care. Arwin (15 years old) and Dory (18 years old) were very loved in their previous home, but sadly, because of serious health issues, their owner had to give up on them.

Due to their age, the two sisters needed special care, so the shelter decided to help them out. At the beginning, Arwin was very scared, suddenly finding herself in a completely new environment. Thankfully, her braver sister’s presence calmed her down eventually.

At the moment, Arwin and Dory are very well cared for by their foster parents. After things get back to normal, however, they will be looking for their forever home, where they can enjoy their retirement years.

Until then, they will need food and supplies, so we at Buy Rope decided to help the siblings out with some soft cat food and toys, as they haven’t let their age stop them from having a nice play time.

If you would like to make Dory’s and Arwin’s retirement years better, or just want to support the Band of Rescuers’ efforts to help more cats, here’s what you can do:

Send a product review with pictures to Buy Rope until the end of May and theyll donate an additional £5 to the cause for every review

Donate directly to the Band of Rescuers – any kind of donation is welcome, including cat food

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