Our visit to the Little Lions cat cafe in NYC Part 2

Hi everyone,

This is part 2  in our visit to the Little Lions Cat Cafe series. If you’ve missed part 1 please click here.


One of our other favourite cats was the mischievous black and white tuxedo cat that tried to steal our food!

There was just something about his eyes and the way he looked at us. What we didn’t know until after giving him a few head scratches was that he doesn’t like being touched, normally! As you can see he had no issues with us giving him cuddles. 😀

Remember how we said that there were plenty of climbing spaces across the cafe?

The above 2 cats were having fun on a three dimensional climbing area ONLY accessible by cats.  On the top of the whole area they had a nice big window to watch passing by visitors to the city. 🙂

Of course  there were plenty of other hiding spaces or even just the sofa! The other black and white cat certainly liked the sofa. 😀


We liked that the cafe hung out leaflets with details about the cats and why you should adopt them from their partner charity. 🙂


Last for today is this amazing painting that was hung up over the fake fireplace.

Please note that this cafe is now sadly closed. 🙁

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11 thoughts on “Our visit to the Little Lions cat cafe in NYC Part 2

  1. zodiacimmortal says:

    OMG I want that Black and white cat the one with the white whiskers, but then the one with those big sad looking eyes My heart….

    and OMG THEY AHVE BEST FRIENDS UP!!! they are my FAVORITE animal charity because they do not just help dogs and cats and other ‘pet’ type animals. They also help big animals as well as wild ones.

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