Losing a Pet – Wilber Says Goodbye

Hi everyone,

Today we have a post from Eric and his video that he created in memory of their cat Wilber:

More about the video (and click here if it doesn’t play above) by the creator below!:

The first episode premiered in 2008 and became popular on YouTube

He talked about the lost love of his life, Daffodil, and what happened to her remained a mystery, she just disappeared one day and he’s been searching for her ever since

Comments on the videos were flooded with questions surrounding Daffodil

Fans fell in love with the way he “sits” like a person

Due to time restraints, no new episodes were produced after 2012’s Wilber Goes Silent

After Wilber’s passing in April 2019, at almost 17 years old, the decision was made to make one final episode.

My daughter was born in 2010, and as a filmmaker, I took video of her every day, and Wilber naturally appeared in a lot of the videos

I combed through hundreds of hours of footage and pieced together what became the final episode – Wilber Says Goodbye

Wanted to give Wilber’s fans closure but also wanted to make a video about losing a pet for kids – something that parents could watch together with their children

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14 thoughts on “Losing a Pet – Wilber Says Goodbye

  1. Katherine says:

    Beautiful memories and I am really sorry for your loss, it feels bad to lose an unspoken friend.
    My cat used to sit like that, choosing such interesting positions.

    Have a great weekend!

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