Bean and his fun 4cats Premium Cat Wrestler!

Bean and the 4cats Premium Cat Wrestler!

Written by Mel on behalf of Bean

From the moment I took this toy out of the box my cat, Bean, was in love.

From smelling to chewing, scratching and cuddling there is nothing Bean doesn’t love about playing with it.

It kept him entertained for ages so this is certainly a must-have for cats who need to be kept occupied.

In comparison to many other cat toys, the premium wrestler is quite big, but it is the size (along with the tassels) that definitely contributed to Bean being such a fan; he loves being able to grab hold of it without it slipping away!

It doubles up as a comfy pillow too.

The smell of catnip must be pretty strong as Bean loves smelling the floor after playtime!

I would strongly recommend this product.

4cats Premium Cat Wrestler

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2 thoughts on “Bean and his fun 4cats Premium Cat Wrestler!

  1. Léa says:

    No doubt, your feline masters have a vast trove of toys. Do you rotate them to keep them from getting board with a particular one?

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