Purrsday: Wild Wild City Cats

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Please find below our latest entry in Purrsday Poetry by Ahenda Fredrick:

Wild Wild City Cats

Black cats on the balcony
How fearfully and lovely you look
You sleep without worries
in the world,
Those two big lanterns of eyes
Remains the world’s undiscovered
mystery no one has had interest in,
Two innocent kittens
Whose fear for men
Surpasses all,
Wild kittens of the city
Who’ll forever remain nameless
The untouchable one,
Your Repelling dreadlocks of fur
Leaves several mouths of those
who dare to care, open.

There you are,
Eye to eye we stair at each other
With unrelenting glimpse,
No blinking
Living organisms,
fighting for a pyrrhic supremacy
And then critically, thoughts came
Poor young living thing…
How do you survive without shelter,
Devoid of prospects for daily meals,
You look cool and contended
Yet the problems that faces you
Could make me insane,
Funny how I got a roof over me and
something on my dish
Yet my aspirations are far yet to be satisfied
In the future or maybe near future
Then I only realised
You black kittens are wild animals
So I’ll welcome you the furthest only in that balcony
Gather some energy,
You’ll need it to scavenge the garbage


Wild Wild Cats of The City is a poem from Angels in My Nightmare(anthology).

© Ahenda Fredrick:

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