The Katzenworld Cats Move to a new House!

Hi everyone,

As some of you are aware we’ve recently moved house with our four masters of mischief! Based on our experience we thought it would be great to provide you all with some tips and advice on what worked for us and how we made the moving process easier.

Luckily for us, we have some awesome Partners & Sponsors that have helped us with their products to make the process of moving so much easier!

In order to ensure that our four were as calm and relaxed as they could be we started giving them Zylkene supplements a few days prior to us starting the whole process of packing things up and getting them ready for the move. Anyone that’s lived with cats will be able to confirm that most cats do NOT like change… and they recognise the signs of unusual activities much better than us humans.

Hence why we thought it was important to start with Zylkene well in advance of the big move!

Zylkene uses a natural extract from casein a milk protein that is proven to help calm our pets and is available as both tasty chew treats or sprinkly on capsules. We opted for the sprinkle on version as we knew it was going to be easier to get each of our four to lap up some liquid than them “fighting” over the tasty treats. XD

As you can see it mixed in perfectly!

And Mr. Rennie did not notice that it was mixed in with his treat. 😉

Even just the getting ready can upset your little ones and we also knew that the 2 hours and a bit car drive would be longest they had ever spent in a car so what did we do for the actual journey aspect?

Well… luckily we had help from our Sponsor Sleepypod for this! We used their mobile pet bed to make the journey as comfortable as possible for our little ones.

The great thing about the Sleepypod mobile pet bed is that while not in use it makes for a fabulous cat bed that most of your friends wouldn’t recognise as a carrier (or cats for that matter).

As you can see three of our clowder were immediately catvestigating when the carrier came out. Do you get that with a regular carrier? Nope!

sleepypod 8

Once the hood is on the mobile pet bed offers a comfy and secure travelling space for your feline friends and it can even be strapped in during the car journey to ensure your cat is secure even during bumpier rides!

Once we arrived at our new home Rennie did not really want to leave his carrier tho… too comfy as you can see above! 😉

The other thing we really like about the Sleepypod mobile pet bed is that you can remove the inside fleecy material to properly clean it. Hopefully, your kitties won’t have ever an accident on a journey but it’s good to know that it’s easy to clean it should the need arise!

And of course, we are very glad that the combination of aids we used helped especially well with Mr. Oliver who does not travel well in cars. Even on the odd journey to the vet he would complain the whole time… Luckily for us a bit of calming aid and a comfy carrier made a huge difference and we had no complaints for the entire journey!

And after the long move, the kitties realised that the big scratch tree that disappeared a few days before their own move had magically teleported to the new place. Well, I wish as we had to take it apart and re-assemble it LOL!

The fact we helped our little ones to have a pleasent journey to their new place with the aid of Zylkene and Sleepypod really made a huge difference. As you can see all four of them quickly explored the new surroundings and ALL wanted to claim the sofa… 🙂

But there was one of them especially adventurous…

Yes, Mr. Oliver decided to climb up our shelves onto the build in wardrobe… needless to say he didn’t know how to get down on his own and I had to give him a hand…

At the end of a long day, all of them decided to go for a nice cosey resting place! In some cases with a friend. Or as you can see with Oliver with one of our own cuddly cushions. 😉

On to more adventures in the new house! We will let you know how the four masters of mischief are getting on. 😀



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26 thoughts on “The Katzenworld Cats Move to a new House!

      • lifecameos says:

        Of course. I am sure they are absolutely certain you bought this house with a garden just for them. In New Zealand, and Australia too, our cats usually choose whether they are indoor or outdoor cats. It seems strange keeping cats inside all the time, though yours obviously love their cat tree.

  1. maryltonks says:

    What a beautiful window setting for the towers! They must love that! You did a good job helping them with a very stressful move by making it stress-free!

    • Marc-André says:

      🙂 thanks! We decided to give them prime view. And apparently some of the new neighbours watch them for quite some time. 😉

    • Marc-André says:

      They certainly have! And thank you. It’s made by a polish company. Top quality for affordable prices as well. 🙂

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