The Friday Art Cat: Art for Charity by Juliana Sores

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In today’s Friday Art cat we have an entry from Juliana Sores!

She works as a teacher, and as a foster home and then finding new homes for dogs and cats, and the majority of animals she paints were rescued by her or some other volunteer, and most adopted by a loving home. In Brazil they, unfortunately, still lack animal welfare policies in most cities
So the first picture was a commission for a very good friend of her who rescued and adopted all animals in the picture, and supports her work.
Left to right, Teka, Amarula, Margot and Cacau the dog.
Margot the white mix siamese was delivered in her home by the artist and another volunteer and that was how she got acquainted with this wonderful friend. Margot was found by her colleague in very bad shape, in the middle of a slam.
Her transformation in her new home was fantastic.
The second picture is Má, her friend, and Margot as an adult cat already.
The third picture is a watercolor she painted for one pupil of her, whose family adopted a cat she was fostering. This kitten was found with her sister trying to find food in the trash bin in her mother’s backyard.
She took them in, later Lila found this wonderful home, where she now is best friends with her pupil Maria Elis.
The work with watercolor commissions is crucial in helping her continue to foster animals.
More of her paintings are available on instagram: @julianasoaresilustracao
And she has an ongoing crowdfunding campaign where she posts updates about the rescues, sketches and more.
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