Guest Star: The Story of Molly

Hi everyone,

Today’s guest post comes from Anne S and is a story about her cat Molly:


I met Molly at the Anchorage Humane Society Adopt a Cat Shelter where I volunteer in Anchorage Alaska.  She was and is a beguiling and peculiar cat, all white with a yellow eye and a blue eye.  Her right front leg was shorter than her other 3 legs but that didn’t stop her from jumping up to all the high places in the office.  She would sit on the desk in the office and jump on any available shoulder.

She was able to walk on her right front leg with a limp.  When she sat down on her hind legs her right front paw raised up as though she was waving hello.  She lived at the shelter in “sanctuary” status, which meant that her owner’s living situation did not allow her to have Molly living with her and she hoped to be able to find a suitable situation.   Many visitors to the shelter wanted to adopt her but she was not available for adoption.

Molly is and always has been an alpha queen.   I happened to be volunteering the day that Molly’s owner surrendered her to allow her to be adopted.   I claimed her as soon as I heard she was available.  I was getting ready to go out of state for a vacation so Molly stayed at the Shelter for a few weeks.

The shelter called me to let me know that Molly’s short leg was injured and would be too difficult to mend and that her leg would need to be amputated.   Molly survived the surgery but had to wear the “cone of shame” for a long time after surgery because  her incision became inflamed due to her constant licking.   When I brought her home I got a large athletic sock to fit over her torso to protect her incision.

She slowly learned  to ambulate on 3 legs instead of 4.  She is still able to jump from the ground up to a person’s shoulders if she wants to.    She owns me now and we live together on the ground floor of a condominuim in Anchorage.  She is an indoor cat except in the summertime when she goes outside to the courtyard on her leash.   She loves to eat salad out of the garden and dreams about flying to catch the birds who tease her.   She has jumped up high into the branches of some of the trees in the courtyard too.

Molly demands affection frequently.   She will come sit over my shoulder in the morning and purr incessantly.  In Anchorage on a cold morning a warm purring princess kitty is nirvana.

Life is good with Molly!

Anne Sullivan

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20 thoughts on “Guest Star: The Story of Molly

    • Marc-André says:

      I’ll have to ask our guest poster how they did it for her. We have trained one of ours on walking on a leash. Indoors first and with positive reinforcement through treats. It did take a while but eventually he knew how to do it and that it was something good.

  1. Léa says:

    You are fortunate that she rescued you. She owns you, as it should be. This human has three masters and each is unique in their own waya and that is what the mere human loves most about them.

  2. maryltonks says:

    Thanks for sharing Molly’s story. She’s a lovely cat and seems none the worse for her injury. You’re a good cat mom!

    • Marc-André says:

      Glad you enjoyed the story. And we are always happy for guest submission if you have something you’d like us to share!

    • Marc-André says:

      I love posting these guest stories as there is always so much to be learned about other people’s cats 🙂

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