Looking for that special someone this Valentine’s? Look no further than your pet!

Looking for that special someone this Valentine’s? Look no further than your pet!

Pets can make you happier than a partner and even reduce your stress levels, a survey by national pet charity Blue Cross has found.

Which is great news for lovely old cat Betty at Blue Cross Burford, who is still looking for a new home this Valentine’s Day. Though Betty is getting on in years, she’s a delightful lady and has had a pretty rough few months, coming into the centre as a stray. She would love a new home with a family to share lots of fuss and strokes.

Old pets make wonderful companions and shouldn’t be snubbed for their younger counterparts. The Blue Cross Pet Poet Laureate has written a poem, dedicated to the more mature felines, in the hopes to find some homes this Valentine’s Day:

Nearly one in three (30%) owners said their pets made them smile more than their partners, while 32% thought their pet was better at making them feel less stressed and 13% even said their pet had stopped rows with a partner!

The survey of nearly 1,300 pet owners was commissioned by Blue Cross, who has rehoming centres in Tiverton and Torbay, to highlight the importance of pets in our lives, especially on a day where thoughts drift to loved ones, for many people their soulmate may be their beloved pet.

More than a quarter of owners (28%) said they thought their pet was better at comforting them than a partner, while 20% said they thought their pet was a better listener.

A pet can make such a difference to your life, but even more so, you can make a huge difference to theirs.

However, the survey also found that couples had more fun and spent more time together when they had a pet.

Nearly a third of owners (32%) said a pet had helped to bring more fun into their relationship, while nearly a quarter (23%) said it had brought them closer together as a couple and 21% said the pet had led them to spend more time together.

Diane James, Pet Bereavement Support Service manager at Blue Cross, said the service often received calls from owners for advice after a relationship break down as losing a pet in this way can provide the same grief and confusion as mourning their death.

Diane said: “Just the comforting patter of paws in a home can make us feel safe, secure and loved – exactly what kind of emotions are conjured up on Valentine’s Day.

“Pets can help us in so many ways from calming and supporting us to comforting us and making us smile and laugh. They really are part of the family.”

Blue Cross’s Pet Bereavement Support Service is part of a range of services run by the pet charity and is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. The service, which runs 365 days a year, provides support through a confidential telephone helpline and email service. Last year the PBSS team took more than 10,000 calls and answered over 5,000 emails.

Blue Cross finds loving new homes for cats, dogs, small animals and horses at its rehoming centres across the country as well as providing veterinary care for pet owners who are receiving means-tested benefits at its four animal hospitals in London and Grimsby. It also runs an education service which promotes responsible pet ownership and gives free talks to schools and groups around the country.

If you have lost a pet or know someone who could benefit from the Blue Cross’s Pet Bereavement Service contact 0800 096 6606 or email pbssmail@bluecross.org.uk

To find out more about Blue Cross and its work across the country visit www.bluecross.org.uk

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14 thoughts on “Looking for that special someone this Valentine’s? Look no further than your pet!

  1. Cantinker Moss says:

    I like your thoughts. My cat, Sgt. Gumball, is one of my best friends, and I enjoy sitting in my chair and writing, while he sleeps the day away, and most of the night. An indoor cat, he knows (and I know) when he needs attention, which leads to exercise, though I have to watch his climbing in my study, and remind him not to it. He loves his toys and being a low maintenance cat, half a can of 9 Lives twice a day does the trick. He also likes crunchy food and treats on a occasion. I never used to be a cat lover (never trusted them) but now I’ve been won over. Don’t get me wrong, I like dogs, but Sgt. Gumball has solidified his 1st place on my HOF list. I even hope I die before he does, as his death would break my heart. Here is a post I wrote about him and all cats in general. https://cantinkermoss.com/2018/06/12/my-great-american-buddy/

  2. chrisscatmeow says:

    Me and my boy that’s the way I like it. When I worked at THE CATS PROTECTION I thought I would be more likely to want to work with the kittens how wrong was I when the older cats got brought in I became closer to them. You could see the pain or hurt in their eyes how satisfying it was when they became friends and looked forward to seeing me and oh how happy I was when they eventually got their forever home.x????

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