The Things I love CAT Style!


Oh My Cat (OMC), can you believe its 2019 already!! I thought it might be a good time to explain my passions on a day-to-day basis. We all know some humans may get jealous of what I’m about to say! But maybe you should pretend to be a cat for the day?

My first passion is Napping! Yep, napping is super impawtant to me! I dream of running in fields of chicken surrounded by birbs (birds) and catnip. Napping is impawtant to charge my batteries, relive the days events and plan the day ahead. I mainly plan on how to ignore human and how to get treats!

Next is Grooming! I have to look my best at all times! Who knows when I may bump into a lady kitty! Sometimes I slop on myself, mum says ‘how can you miss that mouth’! How rude! I ensure I’m all shiny and I have no tangle in my fur. I spend a lot of time grooming, looking good makes me feel good!


Eating! Well, we all know we need to eat. Pure survival! However, I like to fine dine, and I ensure my humans know this! My humans have spent a lot of money trying to get me to eat dry food. Even the vet has tried and failed! I just spit it back out if they put it in my moth. My humans have tried me on every type of wet food too but I only like one brand but its got to be a specific box. Its Felix as good as it looks doubly delicious the meat. Not the fish, I will not eat the fish!

I don’t like Dreamies, or any other treats apart from one type of treat. I don’t like tuna but I love chicken and turkey.

I’m fussy because I want what I like not what anyone dictates to me what I should eat. I’m persistent with getting my own way when it comes too treats and food.

I’ll wake my human up at sometimes 01:00 for a snack then 04:00 for breakfast. She has no choice but to get up as I jump on her. That’s certainly a top tip for all my kitty friends, jump on human when they are asleep and keep meowing for food.

Birbs!! OMC I love birbs, they just sit on the fence looking all yummy! I do think the black birbs taunt me. There’s a few of them who will sit on the roof and taunt me, knowing I cannot escape my catio/run (humans made it escape proof). I cherp at them just to let them know I can see them and Id like to play with them.

Random playing episodes! I love my random playing episodes, my humans find it amusing. I have a catnip banana which I call my ‘Banana Phone’ as Id like to think I can call my kitty friends on it. I mostly play with it and think its some sort of mouse. I love playing with crisp packets. My humans fold them into a triangle and then throw it. I always run after it!


Around the house its not unusual to find crisp packets that have been folded up laying on the floor.

My day is always busy filled with all of this! I think we have a hard life so, I nap it away most of the time!!

Enjoy your day friends!

Houdini x

Twitter and Instagram @houdinidancing

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