Roman the Invincible Roamer

Meet Roman, he is a huge tubby black n white boy.

Originally Roman was a trapped very feral, cross, street fighter type of boy.
He lived in a skip at the East side of London… that was until he was caught and brought into rescue.
He needed vet treatment the poor boy.

  • amputated broken toe
  • chipped ear
  • microchip
  • neutering
  • deflea & wormed

He then went to live in the countryside, to a beautiful stables with big barns and lots of rats… of which Roman had chief job to keep the rat population down.

Roman was penned for while, for him to get use to a new routine and his new surroundings… but after few weeks of being released… Roman returned and had a few meals at the barn and then he took off!!
Never to be seen again…..

No that isn’t the end of the story…
18 mths later .. the phone rings and Roman had been caught again and handed in to a vet, who scanned him and contacted me to say, he was fit and well and needed collecting!!
Which is exactly what I did !!..,
Roman had been eating amazingly well.. he is huge !!
From where I guess we will never know .. but it wasn’t at the stables.

But he did find food and lots of it too…the people who handed him in said, it had taken them at least 6 mths to catch him ??? ?
Roman now is back with me in rescue.
He is shy, but not aggressive.. totally greedy, loves his food..
Roman is cozy warm and cuddled up on his fuzzy pillow in his wicker basket.

Roman is roughly 10 yrs old !!! And loves his creature comforts…
an indoor safe, quiet home – a five star forever home is required for this boy…
Now retired from his ratting, roaming days I would love Roman to find a warm sofa to snooze on…
Do you think Roman the retired roamer could live as an indoor boy with you ???.
Sue Ottmann
Ace Cat & Kitten Rescue

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10 thoughts on “Roman the Invincible Roamer

  1. Katie Kat says:

    this post has been stolen by a website called petzilia. this website is stealing cat blog posts of many bloggers going to take alot to get them to stop. here is the link: petzilia dot com author/sue-ottmann/ message me on face book -Kat Renee Kittel

    • Marc-André says:

      I think I managed to resolve it. Sorry as it was in my friends author profile I hadn’t seen this earlier. Tho I had an email from Katie so have taken care of it.

      But that website keeps doing that. 🙁

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