Freya & Renegade: Whack a Mouse!

Hi everyone,

It’s me the little Princess Freya today! And I got my paws on a brilliant new toy. 😀

Rennie: Little princess? You mean ferocious lion…

Freya: Hey now!!! Don’t be mean and let’s get back on track with the toy. 😀

Freya: When it first arrived we didn’t quite know what it was. But still… any box-shaped object is, of course, interesting to us cats! 😀

Rennie: But quickly the humans showed us what it was! The game was called Whack-a-Mouse and especially Freya went mad over clawing at the little mouse.

Freya: And my brother quickly showed us where the mouse was hiding but even together we couldn’t get to it!!!

Freya: And tried to whack the mouse I did… but it kept coming back out at me! 😮

Renegade: And when as if by magic…

Renegade: The holes all changed. :O

Freya: Indeed this mode allowed the mouse to come out of a big central hole! Made it even more fun as I could get to it’s tail. 😀

Freya: Eventually the humans got a bit too tired to continue… so my brother and I tried to get on with the game on our own but sadly the handle was a bit too much even for Mr big mouth haha. XD

Rennie: Big mouth?!? I am not. And I tried my best. 😀

Freya: This toy is set to give your kitties hours of fun playtime and is available from our friends over at Purrfect Cat Gifts ]

Signed by,

Prince Renegade also known as the Flash
Princess Queen Freya the Snow Leopard

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19 thoughts on “Freya & Renegade: Whack a Mouse!

  1. helentastic67 says:

    A friend got one of these. Something similar anyway. Her cats were not st all interested. I suggested catnip? She told me she would put superglue on it. She really wouldn’t but still an amusing thought. Cheers,H

  2. BellaDharma's LadyMummy says:

    Hello Marc-Andre! SheHorri-Ellen from The Purrfect Pad on WP here. I’d no idea you are part of Katzenworld. (Boy do I feel stupid!) Thank you for following us all this time. I guess by now you know Purrince Siddhartha Henry went to Pure Land a month ago today. It was horrible & heartbreaking. I’m still not over the shock.
    The last thing P SH did was show me my next cat…..if you stop by you can meet BellaDharma my black part Siamese girl.
    Thanks for following us. Sherri-Ellen x0

    Meow Freya (yore beeuteefull) an Renegade (ytore handsum) that Mouse in a box lookss like a lot of fun!!! Mee will meow to LadyMummy to look fore this toy fore mee.
    Aftur 2 yearss inn a room at thee Sheltur mee iss enjoyin playin toyss once again! 😉
    Can wee bee frendss?
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma

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