Purrsday Poetry: Portrait of a Cat – Alexander Valentin Pusskin

Like midnight mink or like a luscious swirl
Of licorice, my darkling cat you purr
In sumptuous languor, with your gleaming fur
So changed from what it was. How like a pearl
Or brilliant moon this heart like little whorl
Upon your breast! Who was that beast-like cur
That mauled you so? My darling now you stir
And stretch your gorgeous grandeur and uncurl.

My heart was lost the moment that your paws
All glided in behind me with my food.
Where did I find you? In my kitchen, sir.
You fled the winter and its freezing flaws,
With all of your abandoned solitude,–
A starving guest to bless our provender.

Written Nov 1, 2010 © Anissa Nedzel Gage, All rights reserved

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