A Fox Invasion in the Cat Kingdom?

Hi everyone,

It’s all three of us in it together here today! To tell you about how we thought our new FroliCat® Fox Den Toy Automatic Cat Teaser was actually a real fox invading our kingdom. ;o

Renegade: See we were minding our own business and when this “thing” appeared in the living room!

Nubia: “Minding your own business”? You woke me up three times!

Renegade: Well… don’t want you to sleep through an invasion of our kingdom do we! Anyhow…

Renegade: See there is a fox hiding in that den sister!!! What are we going to do!

Nubia: Hmmmmm…. a fox? It’s tail has almost the same colour as you… and a fox face does look very similar to your face… Does that mean…? @_@

Renegade: I am not a fox!!! Now help me protect our kingdom against this intruder. -_-”

Oliver: Right you two! What’s going on here?!? I was trying to have a nap in the other room but with all of your meowing that is literally impossible!

Renegade: We’ve been invaded by a dangerous fox!!!

Oliver: Oh oh… maybe we need to call an exterminator. @_@

Nubia: Why is it that my brothers are such wimps… It’s time for me to take charge!

Nubia: Look! It’s not dangerous! It actually looks like a lot of fun.

Renegade: We shall let you be the pioneer. 😮

Nubia: Right so the fox is hiding in here… Yikes it does come out randomly!

Oliver: You can do it!!!

Renegade: Go sister!

Nubia: So… it is in there… and comes out!

Renegade: Will she make it? 😮

Nubia: Stop distracting me!!!

Nubia: There it comes! *snaps*

Oliver: She caught it!

Nubia: *with mouth full of fox tail* Told you I’d kill the fox and safe our kingdom!

Oliver: If you’d like endless fun convince your humans to get you one of the FroliCat® Fox Den Toy Automatic Cat Teaser for yourself. 😀

Signed by,

His Meowjesty King Oliver the Maker of Mischief
Her Meowjesty Queen Nubia the Disturber of Peace
Prince Renegade also known as The Flash!


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